The first victim of the New year: testing of firecrackers worth three fingers

Three fingers on his right hand lost to the hapless pyro in the South of the capital on the evening of 16 November. The man, ignoring the safety rules, took up a lighted petard, which, as it seemed, was defective.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, the incident happened at about 22.30 in one of the courtyards on the street Shipilovskaya. At this time, the 27-year-old George (name changed – ed. “MK”), an economist by profession, left his house with a box of firecrackers – their man decided to “test” in advance and choose the brightest. Having selected a comfortable place, pyro started to light the fireworks one by one until the queue reached the wick of a firecracker. Muscovite has strengthened the ball in the snow, lit the fuse and ran off to the side. However, burned, a firework exploded. After waiting a few moments, Yuri came to the fireworks and took his arm. In this moment dangerous “toy” came into effect. The blast Muscovite tore off three fingers on a hand. From the sharp pain he fell to the ground and cried. One of the tenants of the nearby house, who at this moment was walking his dog, called “fast” help. Arriving paramedics stopped the bleeding and urgently take the patient to the hospital, where the doctors did everything possible to rescue the remaining two fingers. Now a man’s life is not in danger.

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