The head of National intelligence has resigned

Director of National intelligence James Clapper

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

Director of National intelligence James Clapper said that he wrote his resignation. Klepper, who held his post for six years, and in recent months has accused Russia of hacking

Klepper stated that he had filed his resignation, speaking before the house Committee on intelligence, reports CNN. According to Klepper, his position he had to work 64 days.

75-year-old Clapper is Director of National intelligence since 2010. Clapper, as reported by The Washington Post in September, coordinated the work of US intelligence agencies for investigation of possible Russian interference in presidential elections. In early September, Klepper argued that the hacker attacks on electronic mailboxes of leaders of the Democratic party was probably done by the Russians. At the end of October Klepper, speaking at the Council on foreign Affairs in new York said that Russia was trying to influence the outcome of U.S. presidential elections, but admitted that he considers Russian influence is negligible.

In February 2016 Klepper in his report on threats to US security mentioned seven threats that, in his opinion, comes from Russia. Among these the threat Klepper called cyber espionage, breach of Contract, on the small missiles, medium-range, the rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing, as well as military action in Syria.

Last week The Washington Post reported, citing a senior representative of the special services that their employees “feel a fear of the unknown” before giving the elected President of the United States Donald Trump in secret information.

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