The N6 antibody can neutralize 98% of HIV strains


Scientists have managed to identify an antibody that can neutralize most strains of HIV. The antibody, called N6, was able to handle 98% of isolates of HIV-1, among them were 16 of the 20 strains resistant to other similar antibodies.

Antibodies were isolated from the body an HIV-infected patient who was a carrier of the virus for over twenty years. The researchers compared the effectiveness of antibodies N6 with the efficiency of a dedicated in 2010, the antibodies VRC01, which was able to cope with 90% of the virus strains.

Both antibodies were associated with CD4-region located on the surface of the viral shell. This prevented the binding of the virus to lymphocytes. It turned out that the binding of the antibodies was different – N6 was associated with less variable plot which has remained virtually unchanged among different viral strains. That is why the N6 antibody was able to inactivate a much larger number of HIV strains.

Therapy with the use of VRC01 has already been successfully tested on patients – a single injection of antibody to HIV-infected patients helped to significantly reduce viral load – six of eight patients, this figure decreased by 10 times.

Scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and infectious diseases of the United States (U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) at the direction of Mark Connors (Mark Connors) believe that will soon appear therapy on the basis of new antibodies. The drug may be more effective, and to enter it you will not intravenously, and subcutaneously. This therapy can be used both for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

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