The President of Latvia, its economy we have

The President of Latvia Raimonds Vejonis said that the country actually lacks its own economy due to dependence on EU funding, reports the Latvian newspaper Diena.

A difficult diagnosis. Why is medicine in Latvia – the last in Europe?

In an interview Vejonis noted that if delayed the development of funds of EU in Latvia from significantly falling GDP growth. “This means that in fact its economy we have,” the President said.

He believes that EU money should only accelerate their own development. To reach the average European level, annual GDP growth should amount to at least 5%, said Vejonis. He also noted that it is necessary to improve the quality of governance and to cope with the problem out of the labor force from Latvia so I don’t have to invite migrant workers. This way, according to the President, “worst”, because you first need to provide work and salaries of their residents.

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