Workers staged a pogrom on the Greek island of Chios

Riots involving migrants occurred on the Greek island of Chios, where refugees set fire to the camp of temporary accommodation, and also smashed shops and cars and fired at the homes of local residents fireworks, RIA Novosti reported.

“All on a desert island”. As Europe changes its attitude towards migrants

The incident occurred in the night of Thursday, according to local media, residents of the island were forced to defend themselves from migrants with batons. In the end, in resolving the unrest was attended by special forces and police. Hosted by the refugees, a fire destroyed most of the temporary camps,

The closure of the “Balkan route of migration” has led to the fact that Greece was blocked about 62 thousand refugees, attempting to enter Central and Northern Europe. Currently, the Islands in Greece are around 16 thousand workers, while the centres can accommodate about 8 thousand people.

The riots in the Greek Islands increased, because the refugees are not happy with what they are blocked on the territory of Greece did not pass into Europe.

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