“You work for RT?”. The representative of the state Department got nasty Russian journalist

The unexpected results of presidential elections in the USA caused some members of the outgoing administration of Barack Obama is so strong a shock that it has a negative impact on their professional qualities.

What is known about the official U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby?

The official U.S. state Department spokesman John Kirby at a briefing, apparently, forgot who or where he is. Only this can explain the fact that Kirby has allowed itself, answering the question of the journalist of Russia Today’s Gayane Chichakyan.

RT reporter tried to get Kirby more detailed information about certain medical facilities in Syria, which, according to the state Department, was attacked by the Russian space forces. In particular, the journalist was interested in the sources of information, voiced by the state Department.

Kirby said that Washington obtained these data from the organizations, which “considers credible”.

Gayane Chichakyan noted that the state Department, putting forward such serious accusations, can’t announce a list of hospitals, allegedly bombed by Russian aviation.

“I do not make these accusations. I tell you that we have seen the report credible organizations, the five hospitals and one mobile unit of medical care has suffered, — said Kirby, visibly irritated. You can check this information reported to a Syrian organization. We quoted them.”

“I’m not going to put RT on a par with the other journalists”

Correspondent reasonably pointed out that if the state Department voiced this info and the exact list of affected health facilities should have.

And then John Kirby, is incurred. “You work for RT? Why don’t you ask your government the same questions? Ask them about their military activities. Ask them for a list of hospitals that you apply the strikes,” he said.

The last hope for Kerry. The state Department wants, but can’t negotiate with Russia

This behavior is representative of the state Department did not like the Associated Press reporter Matt Lee. He asked Kirby to choose the expression and recalled that Russia Today journalist — a representative of the media, like everyone else, and she just asks questions.

“I’m not going to put RT on a par with other journalists who represent independent media,” he cried finally fell Kirby.

After the press conference, state Department officials, to their credit, rushed to save the reputation of his Department. Colleague Kirby apologized RT journalist for his statements and also promised to send information sought by the journalist.

“It will be shot down more Russian planes”

John Kirby, these things happen already the first time. During one of the briefings in September, speaking about the situation in Syria, the state Department spokesman said that Moscow will continue “to send home the bodies of soldiers in bags and waste resources” if “will not stop the violence” in Syria. “It will be shot down more Russian planes” — broadcast Mr. Kirby, promising “attacking Russian cities”. At this point, even doubt, who is the representative of the American foreign Ministry, or “talking head” of the radical Islamist group.

Than the famous Jen Psaki?

His current position John Kirby took in may 2015, succeeding the legendary Jennifer Psaki. Prior to that, Kirby was the press-Secretary of the Pentagon.

Kirby, rear Admiral, retired, nearly thirty years has served on the American fleet. Now also not understand, whether the nerves of a retired military undermined the intense service, whether in the United States Navy recruit people with unstable mentality. In any case, the U.S. state Department in the future should more carefully approach the selection of candidates for the post of official representative of the Ministry, in order not to lose face.

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