A sudden blow. What is the danger of unexpected pain and how to cope with it

Pojavlenie pain in any part of the human body — an alarming symptom. Of course, if it almost immediately disappears, it’s not a reason to immediately call a doctor. But still it is better to visit. After all, it often happens that the body endures to the end, and then begins to signal for help. Can talk about a sudden attack and what you should pay attention in the presence of unexpected pain — in the material Aephi.

Chest pain: what is the reason and what to do?

Heart rate

Pain on the left, where the heart is, can scare anyone. Especially if they arise suddenly and unexpectedly, and still have a pronounced intensity: it also happens that at the time of the attack the person can’t even walk!

The pain in angina is felt in different ways: as compressing, squeezing, cutting. But at this point that it’s blunt and not sharp. On the localization of the pain syndrome is felt just where is the heart, but it can give between the shoulder blades, left arm, jaw and neck area. This pain can manifest suddenly during physical stress, physical activity, with sudden change of temperature around, for example, at the exit from a warm room into the cold.

Also accompanied by pain and myocardial infarction. When it develops a sharp pain behind the breastbone, wherein pressing or burning in nature. Often a man thinks in his heart bears a heavy load. Also it may be accompanied by a sense of imminent death. Pain in this situation sharp and worse with movement.

So if suddenly starts to hurt on the left behind the breastbone, it is necessary to call an ambulance, to take a cardiogram. This study at the time of attack helps to distinguish acute infarction from angina and will allow cardiologists to build further tactics of treatment.

Headache? To the cardiologist! What causes hypertension

A splitting headache!

With fits of acute headache familiar to many, especially often it overtakes the inhabitants of large cities. As a rule, it is commonly attributed to the weather, solar flares, pressure drops, etc. In fact, a sharp and sudden pain can be a signal about the beginning of quite serious pathologies. Acute headache can occur suddenly and last as few seconds and several hours. And not always the attacks are repeated with a certain regularity.

Most often these problems manifest themselves if there are problems with the vascular system. Also sharp headaches may indicate the development of tumors. And then there are a number of factors, because of which a person can experience extreme discomfort. Among them:

  • Rupture of aneurysm of cerebral vessels
  • Migraine neuralgia Harris
  • Pathology of the autonomic ganglia in the cranial cavity, etc.

A sharp pain can develop on the background of overwork, lack of fresh air, lack of sleep or, less often, due to excessive sleep.

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The human foot is often called the perfect mechanism. After all, every day she has to withstand enormous loads. And therefore requires special care. And naturally, you should pay special attention to any manifestations of pain.

From foot pain to osteoarthritis: what causes flat feet

If foot pain occurs suddenly in the morning and has a wavelike character, it is possible to suspect yourself arthritis. If you leave the situation unattended, there is a risk seriously to aggravate the situation and bring to the development of rheumatic manifestations. And this can lead to surgery and many problems with walking.

A sharp and sudden pain in the leg, and the thumb indicates the development of gout. Here it is necessary to understand that pain may be accompanied by fever and redness in the joint. The pain usually occurs at night. Because of him until the finger cannot touch, and the tenderness is felt from the touch of the blankets!

In the case of the appearance of these symptoms should quickly consult a rheumatologist. This will allow faster to pick up the treatment scheme. As you know, the sooner therapy is started, the better the results it shows.

Abdominal pain: what to do?

Cramps in the stomach

Another alarming factor is abdominal pain. So, quite often, severe pain that manifest in the upper abdomen and spreads to the sides, indicates appendicitis.

If the pain develops after a meal or after 6-12 hours after drinking alcohol, but also accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever, disorders of heartbeat, doctors can speak about the development of pancreatitis. It is not a joke: it can cause shock and subsequent death.

Extremely sharp abdominal pain may indicate inflammation in the pelvis, a perforated stomach ulcer, shock from allergic reactions. In such a situation you need to contact an ambulance.

The presence of a burning pain in the upper abdomen, in the back between the shoulder blades, right shoulder accompanied with nausea and vomiting, can serve as a signal that the person stones or infection in the gallbladder.

Sudden lower abdominal pain sometimes indicates an ectopic pregnancy. In this situation, help should apply immediately.

Sharp lower abdominal pain in conjunction with problems with urination (burning, tingling, etc.), yellow discharge, blood in the urine in most cases indicates a urinary tract infection.

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