Athlete Slesarenko, the decision of the IOC on doping appeal in the court of

Russian athlete-athlete Yelena Slesarenko has announced its intention to appeal in the court of arbitration for Sport the International Olympic Committee’s decision to cancel its fourth place at the Olympics in Beijing 2008, reports TASS.

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“Lawyers are preparing an appeal will be filed a lawsuit at the international court of arbitration for Sport in Lausanne, we will appeal this decision of the IOC,” said Slesarenko.

This decision was taken because of the positive results after rechecking the doping tests: the IOC announced that annulled the fourth place Slesarenko at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

The report said that the new published list of the IOC are 16 athletes whose samples from the 2008 Olympics was found a prohibited substance.

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