“Bondarchuk and rudovsky: In “Queen of Spades” the viewer will see the particular style Lungin

The producers released in theaters on November 17 paintings spoke about the film and issues in contemporary cinema

Dmitry rudovsky and Fedor, Bondarchukom: press service of “ART PICTURES STUDIO”

In wide release November 17, a new film by Pavel Lungin “the Queen of Spades” Ksenia Rappoport and Ivan Yankovsky in leading roles. Tape, based on the story of the novel by Alexander Pushkin “the Queen of Spades” and the eponymous Opera by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, is a modern interpretation of the classic story. The producers of Fedor Bondarchuk and Dmitry rudovsky in interview to the correspondent of “Interfax” Anne of Nechaeva talked about the film, the problems of modern cinema and the challenges faced by the industry.

– Why did you decide to undertake a project with such seemingly well-known story?

Fedor Bondarchuk (FB): It’s my partner Dmitry rudovsky. Some time ago we had the idea to film “Eugene Onegin”, we have practically engaged in joint production with 20th Century Fox but did not work then the script and somehow it did not happen. Pavel Semenovich Lungin we are old comrades, it has come together to do something, and discussed different projects. Returning from one of his visits, Paul S. told the story of the meeting with screenwriter David Sinterom, Oscar winner for the film “King says!” and what they together came up with “the Queen of Spades”. We immediately began to discuss how we are going to do the project. It is clear that this adaptation of, today, modern painting, modern language. But that’s what Lungin was interested in what he wanted to implement. Then came the long process of writing the script and in the end, we can assume that it came from the pen of Lungina.

Dmitry rudovsky (DR): back TO the classics all the time – we are not the first, not we last. By the way, and remove most cited author in the world of statistics – William Shakespeare. Nothing new, we did not open, but the question is, what are the topics covered in the classical works are momentary and do not disappear, they are repeated with frequency. If the work is contemporary, despite the fact that written many years ago, then it inevitably returned. You can write something of my own, but you can take inspiration from the work of a famous author. So, actually, it was with the Queen of spades. Script Pavel Semenovich – very relevant and vital.

As for “Eugene Onegin”, then we had the task to modernize the story, to move it in our days. But in the scenarios was one grafomanstvo – retelling classic work. We had a long slip, I wanted to create a work about a hero of our time. In the end, addressed to “the Queen of Spades”.

– What, in your opinion, the film should attract a modern audience?

FB: first, it is the Lungin. Film buffs experienced viewers know that this winner of the Cannes festival, the author of the films “Island” and “Tsar”, which might not beat the top ranks of the box office, but it certainly was an event in cinematographic space of Russia. So the name of the Director at the hearing, and his works you know it is isolated. In addition, here plays Ksenia Rappoport that has its own fan zone, well, young Jankowski.

If we talk about industry, we had a financial formula – we are not talking about some megablokbasterov who has to collect millions of viewers at the box office. Of course, we expect a certain audience. The above factors make the entire project is convincing from the point of view of business, no matter how cynically it may sound in relation to “the Queen of Spades” and Lungin.

DR: the Film reflects the paradigm in which the lives of most young people today. It is almost always a challenge. Young people want to quickly go through a period of growing prosperity, without going through all the evolutionary stages, bypassing the work, experience and so on. This will always be an urgent problem, a dissonance, when “I want everything now”, and you offer it once earned. The hero of Pushkin’s story is more than relevant now, he in some ways acts as a role model.

You’ve just described the main character in “Queen of Spades”, and the impression that it was about Max Andreev, the hero of the film “duhless”. Don’t you think, in fact, these pictures tell about the same?

JR: Not really. Life is very complex. People have different behaviors, attitudes, although in some parts they may intersect. There the main character’s actions the young men, one had already achieved success as Max Andreev, and the other only wants to achieve. This is a different stage of the same hero. Most likely, max also had a mad desire to get rich and climb as high as possible.

In “Queen of Spades” complex design is Tchaikovsky’s Opera, which is based on Pushkin’s work, and then at her as the third story, is the story of a modern young man. Everything that happens to him, happens in real life. And since he’s the Opera singer, the action moved to the stage. Here is the interweaving of reality and fiction authors.

– At the creation of the film brought itself from Pavel Lungin?

FB: Lungin films very special. He has his own, unique transitions to scenes, solving scenes, the characters, the jokes, the length of the frame is all his pronounced individuality. Handwriting Lungin seen. The only time we participated in the marketing, trailers and so on, it was a lot of funny situations. We often heard comments of Pavel Semenovich like “I is not mounted!”, “It’s great, but I haven’t mounted”. But it’s their laws, their, more, time. Up to color correction and the look of a frame where a hanging light and as highlighted in a garage in a particular scene.

DR: Lungin has always been a Director-author of the classic, in the French understanding. He writes, he brings ideas. This started his career – he began as a screenwriter, and then successfully sat in the Director’s chair. If we talk about the new film and to take the main character, Pushkin is a cold, reasonable people. Greed and passion that is consuming it, expressed quite schematically. He acts prudently. The Lungin more complex composition – he loves the fire of passion. His character from the first steps similar to obsessed. For the characters of Pavel Semenovich always the case that emotions dominate prudence. Take his “Oligarch” or “Taxi Blues”.

– You said you could not find the “right” script for “Eugene Onegin”, “the Queen of Spades”, he is also quite a long time was studied. Does this mean that the lack of good scripts – one of the main problems of the Russian film industry?

JR: I would not say that there are problems. Got a call today, and we gradually overcome. We are unable to develop revolutionary, because there is no market, no money for the movie. It is understandable that the film material. Want to do a lot different, but there are certain restrictions. Don’t call it a problem, it is necessary to understand that there are certain economic conditions in which we exist. And to compare us with Hollywood is incorrect. Our viewers can’t see all that is made in the USA. Because there is removed as a product of high technological quality or content, as well as paintings of a low level. For example, movies from the MARVEL comic series, essentially a primitive tale about the struggle between good and evil, but made at a high technological level. And to blame them makes no sense. The presence or absence of money determines the amount of work that we can give to actors, Directors, cameramen, authors and so on. We are developing, but because of our market. Easier to compare, for example advertising. USA ad market is $ 150 billion, and our $ 5 billion. In this hidden differences. We can produce but little, and we will grow along with the economy, but not ahead of or behind her. We built in all these processes. We are a 20 years in the industry.

– Fyodor Sergeevich, please tell us at what stage is the process of returning rights to a collection of pictures “Lenfilm” made before 2002. What are the difficulties?

FB: the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky wrote a letter to Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev with the proposal to return the collection rights from one public organization to another, from the “Gosfilmofond” to “thumbnail”. The issue is studied. When the President of Russia Vladimir Putin a few months ago was at “Lenfilm”, taking a new Studio, the only question we discussed was: what problems does the “Lenfilm”. She’s the one is a collection. The exact mechanism (return rights – if) we find the letter of the law, I still can not answer. It’s all in the plane kazuistika – on the basis of which one governmental entity must transfer a tape to another organization. “Lenfilm” let the legal form has changed, but still 100 percent of the shares belong to the state.

This measure, collection rights, was in our business plan when we protected the update model Studio at a public hearing in the Ministry of culture. Because of this (rights to a collection – if) no, this business model don’t end up working. When it appears that we will fly. It is an important component.

– Despite the fact that the return of the collection still being decided, it was reported that the Studio issued a loan of 1.5 billion rubles to be repaid in 2016. Is that so? Due to what you plan to achieve such a quick return?

FB: Yes, “thumbnail”, I hope, will repay the loan ahead of schedule. In particular, due to the sale of non-core assets of the site in the Studio on the street Tambasova, this issue is now in the process of solving. The sale will enable us to not only close the loan, but still may be something left in the Studio. In addition, of course, the Studio generates a profit, and all of it goes to repay the loan. If you get rid of the loan, we move on to a completely different stage of development.

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