Dangerous operation. As Russia first legalized abortion procedure

The history of medical abortion has no more than one century. Previously it was considered too dangerous medical manipulation. For certain reasons the technology was poorly designed, the surgery led to serious complications.

18 Nov 1920 in Soviet Russia for the first time in the world this procedure was permitted by the decree of people’s Commissariat and the people’s Commissariat. Aify recalls the history of the issue.

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During the Empire

According to historians, before the beginning of the last century the birth rate in Russia was regulated in most cases, natural methods — the deliberate abstinence and prolonged breastfeeding. Artificially caused the interruption existed, but by law it was forbidden and was considered a serious crime. Condemned it and the Church.

Similar operations were carried out in secret, and the consequences were dire. Attempts to systematize statistics on the subject in the nineteenth century led to the shocking conclusions — the mortality rate according to the results of clandestine abortions have steadily increased. The healers and medicine men addressed not only the single ladies who are trying to “hide the shame”, but also married women, who thus “planned” number of children in the family. It became clear that in this process it is time to intervene at the state level.

The procedure of abortion and its severe consequences for women’s health was discussed at various conferences and round tables. Thus, if we study the texts and the reports sounded then — 100 years ago — the difference today will not even be noticeable: the problem is still the same. For example, this issue was first on the agenda 4 of the Congress of Russian society of obstetricians and gynecologists, held in December 1911.

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It was decided that the only measure of correction of birth should be special preparations (later they will be called birth control). Legalizing abortion speech did not go yet. The doctors claimed, quoting Voltaire: “do Not excess in people is our biggest challenge, but to those already available, we tried to make it less miserable”.

So, in General, experts are expected to solve the problem of General social methods. Among the measures that need to be taken to reduce the number of abortions, and a more competent family planning, called “improving the economic welfare of the people, improve the cultural level, the development of morality and religiosity, assistance to large families” and other various measures to promote maternal and child health.

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Soviet Russia

Significant changes have made the revolution. Women have become equal participants in the process of building a new society, they were given equal rights with men. And in these realities for it seemed intolerable that they will in this regard depend on the nature of chance and will not be able to plan their lives independently.

In the end, 18 November 1920 abortion was legalized. According to a new literally revolutionary law, the abort procedure could be carried out only at observance of certain requirements and parameters. So, for example, abortion can be done only in conditions of hospital doctors who had undergone special training. The operation was supposed to be free, those who did it for the money, had to go to court. In the end, this law, which indirectly began in tsarist Russia, received its rationale and conclusion.

The proposed measures are absolutely wrong: expert banning abortion

This step was difficult. Was carefully weighed the pros and cons, studied the suggestions of physicians that were voiced earlier. It is argued that the basis for this document was the resolution adopted at the Department of obstetrics and women’s diseases 12th Congress of the Pirogov society of Russian physicians, held in 1913. In General, the meeting considered the following issues: housing problems of the population, conditions of life and labor of the workers, on the role of infectious barracks in the fight against epidemics, the forms of participation of the provincial Zemstvos in the organization of public medical care, the program of scientific and professional improvement of doctors, the problems of abortion, the conditions of work of country doctors.

Russia became the first country in the world that has gone into this matter so far. For the then international environment, the decision was truly revolutionary. For example, in the United States permit abortion has appeared only in 1967 and one state — Colorado. In 1972 it was followed by another 12 States. And only in 1973, America finally allowed throughout the operation. In Ireland the corresponding decree appeared only in 1983. The UK, like the USA, also adopted such a law in 1967, and France in 1975.

Germany against this background is the most Orthodox: it is allowed to conduct abortion only in 1995, and as concessions to the residents of the former GDR. The payment for the procedure was $ 300-700 euros, and the woman had to undergo additional consultation in the social center.

The decision taken by the authorities of the Russian Federation, was correct, as argued by many experts, but… badly designed. The new government aimed at strengthening the social system, raising the level of life, is not engaged in the development of the system of protection, state the doctors. We must pay tribute — the government have created in 3 years a Commission, called the Central science, which was to study the available birth control drugs.

Vera Prilepskaya: “Any method of contraception is better than abortion”

The consequences of legalization

After resolving the abortion their number is not diminished, however, now a large part was held in medical institutions. And scientists still can’t count, that’s more impact — output “out of the shadows” or a real desire of women to get rid of unplanned pregnancies. The result was the lack of places in hospitals. And the state had to re-develop legal norms and documents, which would allow though as-that to handle a new problem.

In November 1924, the USSR was adopted a resolution to create a special Commission. Their duties included carrying out examinations and conclusions about the justification of abortion and the possibility of satisfying such requests. Was approved a list of those who first were granted the right to free abortion: unemployed lone, lone workers, who already have a baby, many children and wives of workers.

As a result, those who were denied this right, are treated in private clinics or went back in the underground lab. The rules were again corrected, and state hospitals allowed to provide services for abortions for money.

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