Disrupt the concert Makarevich NBP has indicated its beating in a colony

Activist “Other Russia” Oleg Mironov, who gained fame after sprayed gas on the concert of Andrey Makarevich in September 2014, was beaten in the colony, reported on the website of the Other Russia “Vkontakte”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

Party Mironov write that the beating took place Tuesday morning: his reason was the supposed conflict with the Deputy head of the colony for educational Affairs, which questioned the quality performance concluded charging.

In the end, Mironov received “several strong blows to the feet,” which resulted in “numerous bruises and abrasions”.

Also dragorossi say that Mironov in a colony of barrier to communication with the lawyer Vladimir Agranovsky allegedly not providing access to telephone negotiations.

Recall that for his actions at a concert Makarevich, which Mironov justified protest against the support musician of the actions of Ukraine in Donbas, the activist “Other Russia” initially received three years in prison, later reduced that sentence to 2 years and 7 months of imprisonment.

The theme of violence in the colonies attracted public attention after a letter recognized by Memorial as a political prisoner Ildar Dading of torture in the Karelian IR-7. At the moment, Dading remained in custody yesterday, according to the FSIN, had a fight with his cellmate.

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