Floss, brush, Waterpik. How not to harm their teeth

How often you can whiten your teeth than to replace the floss if you are unable to use it, and what problems can provoke an electric toothbrush? TV presenter, dentist Oleg Riders told me things to be aware of when you use various gadgets and devices for oral hygiene.

Electric toothbrush

The longevity of your teeth, implants, dentures, veneers, crowns, etc. depends on the hygiene! Toothbrush helps us in this matter, moreover, she constantly evolyutsioniruet, so you just have to use this gadget for their own benefit.

Important: the teeth should be cleaned properly, scrubbing movements, from the gum to the cutting edge. It is recommended to divide the mouth into three segments and carefully peel each of them. If you doubt that do everything as needed, then go to the clinic — it will teach you to brush your teeth on phantoms, or watch the various YouTube videos on the subject.

Some call electric toothbrushes primary cause of wedge-shaped defects. Indeed, if long is wrong to brush your teeth, you will trigger their appearance. But I remind you that similar defects also appear due to heavy consumption of lemon and problems with the stomach, pH of saliva, excessive load on the tooth and malocclusion.

How to brush your teeth? Infographics

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Of course, the thread must exist in each person’s life to prevent caries between the teeth. But improper bite, crowded teeth, poor restorations, etc., its use is often problematic.

Important: use dental floss so that it does not injure the gingival papilla, which may begin to bleed. If not, it is better to use the oral irrigator.

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In Western countries irrigator appeared a long time ago, in Russia, unfortunately, began to use only the last ten years. The principle of operation is simple: in a special tank filled with liquid, which is applied through the handpiece under pressure, so we clean the tooth surface in hard to reach places. But this is not the only plus of this gadget. With its use improves trophism, blood flow to periodontal (tissues surrounding the tooth), it prevents the appearance of Tartar and plaque. I believe that the irrigator should be in every family.

Important: the irrigator is indispensable when you are implants, dentures, since you need to maintain a certain level of hygiene. But pay attention to what solutions you use for this procedure.

Hidden prompter. Like teeth give the age of the person

Home remedies whitening (whitening toothpaste and strips)

Of course, these funds give us an aesthetically pleasing effect. How it is achieved? Under the action of a reaction, we pushed out from the crystal lattice of enamel pigment, fill it with oxygen.

Important: after this procedure, you may giperchuvstvitelnost, small crosses. This suggests that tubules inside the tooth a bit spasmatic.

In addition, when you make such procedure, you must know some “rules of conduct” after whitening and strictly adhere to them (for example, don’t drink staining drinks) to save the result of the work as long as possible. Also, bleaching is not recommended more than twice a year.

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