Fourteen year old girl, cancer patient, got the right to kryzanowska your body

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Fourteen year old girl, terminally ill with cancer, won a lawsuit against her own father. She got right to freeze your body. Shortly before her death she expressed a wish, hoping that in the future will be found ways to cope with her illness. This desire was supported by her mother, but the girl’s father was against such a procedure.

In a written statement to the court, the girl explained that “want to live longer” and does not wish “to be buried under the earth.” He expressed the hope that cryopreservation “will be able to give her a chance to heal and recover in the future – even if it will happen in hundreds of years.”

The father did not support this idea. “Even if the treatment proves successful, and it will return to life, say, after 200 years, it will not be able to find a single living relative, probably won’t be able to remember anything from his past life, and besides she is only 14 and she will be in the USA,” he explained. Now, however, he changed his mind.

She died in October – shortly before her death she began to explore online information about cryonics and about companies that provide services for the freezing and long-term storage of bodies. Court, which handed down its decision in October, shortly before the girl’s death, was allowed to cryopreservation.

With cryonics, the body is first cooled to the freezing point of water, and the blood is replaced with cryoprotectants. The freezing is carried out in such a way as not to prevent the formation of ice crystals that damage tissues and organs.

The next step – body cooling to -130 degrees and then place in liquid nitrogen. In the future bodies are stored in a special container at a temperature of -196 degrees. Technology defrosting, however, has not yet been developed, but research in this area is already underway.

In the UK, where she lived a girl, such services are not provided and so the body will be sent to the US and will be frozen. The family of the dead girl it will cost about 46 thousand dollars.

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