Growing pains

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In the XVII century babies in Europe were built — swaddled in the heavy cloth strip that the child is a direct and solid, like a log. The swaddling clothes were removed with pins, which are often dug into the skin and changed once a week. On the child crying was not paying attention — supposedly if weeping lungs are developing. By the early nineteenth century, the twist is out of fashion, but in Russia lasted until the 20‑ies of XX century.

Without vaccinations and feeding. Useful if “natural parenting” for the child?

Then, in the XVII century, children mercilessly kutal and kept as close as possible to the hearth, filled up with blankets and rags. Still believed that children should not crawl, it humiliates human dignity, so the kids put on the feet with two to three months. This was invented something like a stump with a hole in the middle. The hole was inserted a baby that was forced to stand on podskashite legs for hours until they lost consciousness. Even the children were vessels of sin, which was supposed to dislodge and eradicate. Sometimes the cost of the life of the child.

Eighteenth-century children, on the contrary, steel tempering and pouring ice water took no less than the infernal stuffiness of previous centuries. In the nineteenth century, infants were numbered among the angels and began to zealously fight for their purity. Little girls were even forbidden to swing on the swings and jumping on horses-sticks. In fact, it could corrupt innocent babies! I’m not talking about that with colic and poor sleep struggled first with alcohol (how to raise a child without a decanter of gin?), and then tinctures containing opium. Tinctures sold in pharmacies and was considered indispensable mom.

What to feed and how to wash the baby? The advice of a pediatrician

The horror, right?

And today? The rejection of antibiotics and vaccinations, breast-feeding to school, tempering, wrapping, nesting… In the mind of modern parents is in such a mess as wild as a hundred years ago. Pediatricians, however, also went close. Babies that drink kefir, it doesn’t bring anything, even water, but most importantly, all children want only the best.

And the only thing that pleases, — in spite of all of our adult stupidity and prejudice, they will still grow. I do not know, however, how they do it.

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