Help to keep forever? What “papers” should be protected and what can be thrown out

To get rid of the securities (and to obtain because of this many problems), take home files, using the following “manual”.

Who is the owner of the feet or acres?

Most importantly, the new rules apply selectively and do not relate to the main documents of the Russians.

“From next year, citizens in obtaining public services 85 will not have to seek and provide help, which is issued by Federal government agencies (25 agencies), but references are not included in this list, — explained the “AIF” Ekaterina Filippova, head of Department of legal support of capital management of Federal registration service. — Therefore, documents of title to the property must be kept carefully by their owners. If they are lost, the holders may get them again in the office, “My documents”. But it is worth mentioning that from July 15, 2016, stopped issuing certificates of state registration of rights to immovable property. Now the only evidence of such a right are the data in the Unified state register of rights (USRR). So you will not the original certificate and the extract from the unified state register”.

Papers on favorite cottage and garden all the more interesting. “The most important in the case of any owner, certificate of ownership (which have now come to the statement of rights) and the cadastral passport, — says Alexander Bednyagin, 1st Deputy head of the Moscow regional BTI. In the past, there is a unique land plot: area, cadastral value is used to calculate the land tax, as well as the permitted use. If this certificate and passport are lost, they are easy to repair. But the situation is quite the opposite in the case when human hands were only the instruments of ownership issued prior to 31 January 1998 Information about such “rights” to property could not be in the USRR (the registry started after that date)”.

What kind of certificate to obtain public services abolished government?

To prove that the owner of the acres that you (and built a house there for legitimate reasons), you will have to apply to those organizations that issued these securities. Or to their successors. These can be municipalities, regional authorities, the management Board, garden associations and even businesses that gave their employees lots. Only then it makes sense to go in Rosreestr (or in the center of public services “My documents”), to the Villa garden was officially recognized as your property. And with the advent of recording in the unified state register you can property to sell, donate or bequeath. By the way, for this reason, it is necessary to analyze the things that remain after the closest deceased relatives. Throw a “dusty trash” without looking, and between old Newspapers and references may be hiding and grandpa’s “Book of the gardener,” and grandma’s marriage certificate (which shows her maiden name).

What is the certificate of the property and whether it is necessary to change it?

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Where to store documents?

By the way, if you move (or fire) it is better to scan your most important documents and record them duplicates electronically. Another option is to save them online on the cloud (if you don’t know how to do it, ask younger relatives).

Those who managed to lose a passport, need to contact the staff of the Moscow Department of the interior, who are receiving almost all “My documents”. The same should be done if the passport disappeared. I advise you to first call in a Single reference service of Moscow (+7 (495) 777-77-77) and to describe his “documentary” the problem of the operator. Will tell you where to go and whether you can sign up for specific appointment time.

What is an identity document?

What to protect and not to lose?

  • All personal documents (birth certificate, diploma with liner, military ID, etc.) to keep in a folder, putting each in a separate file. It is this folder save in case of fire, flooding and take care when moving, because to restore a paper difficult and long.

Re-birth certificate (death, marriage) request to the Registrar (details on the website Please note — this information about deceased relatives can not be maintained (normally these data are urgently needed for a related burial or when they decide who will be responsible for recording the tomb of the deceased). In bodies the registry office of the capital records since 1918 earlier (made by the churches) lie in the Central historical archive of Moscow. If grandparents were born in another region, will have to send the request there.

  • “Residential-country” papers (although this information is duplicated in a departmental electronic databases).
  • All the awards, commendations and certificates. And accompanying documents should be protected as well. They are needed in the design of pension.
  • Contracts with their employers and proof of your membership in various unions (useful in determining seniority).

How to find out about the availability of documents when they are drawn through public services?

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That store three years?

  • Receipt of payment for housing and communal services;
  • Documents for purchase of goods and services;
  • Documents about payment of taxes. However, as AIF said in the capital Department, on such rigor is optional for those paying through your personal account on the website FTS.

What can you throw away?

  • It’s your decision — whether to keep on the medical card and the prescription, ious (which has already returned the money), the old power of attorney, expired certificates, letters from the IRS, the pension Fund and the management company.
  • If you decide to throw it away, tear it all into small pieces (do not give swindlers a chance to get a lot of personal information, fished out of a dumpster your home folder).
  • Once you have repaid the mortgage and the Bank was removed from the apartment encumbrance, you can officially burn all receipts for payments made. But first get a Bank certificate stating that he no longer has any claims to you (and this document refers to the fact that it is better to keep forever).

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