In China, a smiling robot attacked a man

On the IT-exhibition in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, an event occurred which Internet users of China and then other countries, have called “the beginning of the uprising of the machines.” A small robot represented by one of the participating in the exhibition companies began to destroy a nearby stand, and then was injured trying to stop his man.


The man who tried to disable the robot, he moved a leg, then a person could not own up, and he had to be carried on stretchers to ambulances. As reported, this is China’s first case of the attack of the robot on human

Size and shape a mechanism like the famous R2-D2 from the Saga “Star wars.” However, he has a display, which shows the person is able to make different expressions. What exactly the “emotions on the face of” the robot went out of control, is not specified.

“Enraged” to the robot during its development was a rather lovely name — in Chinese it can be translated as “chubby kid.” Not less harmless was the purpose of the robot according to the creators, he had to teach and play with children aged 4 to 12 years. Developers can not yet answer the question of how the mechanism could “spiral out of control.”

While some Internet users has caused only negative emotions, some considered it an occasion to exercise in wit. Many different ways were joking about the fact that the robots began to fight against humanity and compared the “chubby kid” with Terminator, while the other one was making jokes like “he got upset when I realized that it says “made in China””.

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