Increasing the quality. Decisions taken at the dairy forum in Moscow

In the government House of Moscow region opened the Third international agroindustrial dairy forum. In the event the professionals and experts to discuss actual directions of the further development of the industry. This professional discussion platform for the participants of the dairy market created on the initiative of Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov. And it shall be a forum not for the first time — start he was laid back in 2014. The event soon showed its importance and relevance over the period of its carrying out was signed not a single agreement, which contribute to the active development of the dairy industry in the region.

Important participants

Despite the fact that the forum is only 2 days going at it quite a lot of people — experts and specialists in the field of milk production. So, the forum is attended by representatives of financial institutions from different manufacturers — both large and medium sized companies, research organisations, industrial organisations. In addition, there is voiced the expert opinion, as well as an active exchange of experience with entrepreneurs working in the field of dairy production and related areas.

Invest in milk! What will be discussed at agricultural forum

Among the key issues of the event the following: “New approaches to the structure and mechanisms of state support in 2017”, “Cooperation as a basis for the development of dairy farming in small farms”, “World practices of the dairy industry development”, “Electronic veterinary certification of dairy products”. In addition, the event was held a plenary session on the theme: “System investments — driver of the development of the dairy industry.” A definite advantage was the fact that the discussions were attended by such practices in the dairy industry, as head of the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance Sergey Dankvert, Director of the Department of animal husbandry and breeding Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation Kharon Amerkhanov, Director of the Autonomous nonprofit organization “Russian quality system” Maxim Protasov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company “Brothers Cheburashka” Vladislav Cheburashkin, the President of the company “Auchan Retail Russia” Jean-Pierre Germain, Vice-President the quality of “Danone Russia and CIS” Pierre Decion and many others.

“The share of the economy agriculture still plays such a global role, such as in industry and trade. However, the trends that are laid — impressive. After 2015 agriculture in the Moscow region grew by almost 15% — this is the only industry that gave such high growth rates. So prospects are very large. A year passed, and our task is to summarize, to answer the question, what needs to be done in order to further increase the pace of development in this sphere”, — said opening the plenary session, the Vice-Governor of the Moscow region Ildar Gabdrakhmanov.

Photo: Government of the Moscow region

The object of attention

The importance of systematic work, which is aimed at creating the necessary conditions for the effective development of the dairy industry, said Deputy Chairman of Moscow region government, Minister of investment and innovation Denis Burtsev.

“In the suburbs dairy production is a priority. Comfortable environment to start a business must have three characteristics: land, availability of financial resources and subsidies, and area sales. Currently on the territory of Moscow region in agriculture introduced about 200 000 hectares of land. We are working rather intensively, not only with Rossella, but with private owners. Most of them come to the need for this land either by itself to treat, including to create dairy farms, or rent those who know how to do it, — he stressed.

What about milk? The government of the Moscow region is struggling with forgery

Experts believe that to increase the investment attractiveness of the dairy industry should actively fight counterfeit. “When the market is counterfeit products, it distorts the market. To invest in the market that is competitive, and if there will be order, it would grab the public funds and means of investors” — said the assistant head of the Federal service for veterinary and phytosanitary surveillance Sergey Dankvert.

Roskoshestvo regularly conducts independent studies of different product groups. This measure allows in particular to reduce the volume of products not corresponding to standards of qualities, said the head of the Autonomous non-commercial organization “Russian quality system”. “Recently, Roskoshestvo researched traditional butter with a fat content of 82.5%. We took the most popular brand, and that more than 70% of the market. We found eight cases lowering the level of fat is either a technological error or savings, and six cases of butter was not, and contained substantially vegetable fat,” — said Maxim Protasov. All the results are always published, which allows for stable preferences for higher quality products.

The Director of the Department of animal husbandry and breeding Ministry of agriculture of the Russian Federation Kharon Amerkhanov reported on the progress of the implementation of plans to improve the genetics of breeding herds. “In Russia, 8.2 million cows, of which dairy — 7.1 million, purebred cattle — a little more than 5 million Since 2006 we imported genetic material in the form of heifers a little more than 25 thousand heads. Then the specific weight of breeding herd was smaller and we were able to sell their breeding cattle not more than 30 thousand heads. Today, from breeding herds of domestic breeding we are able to 130 thousand head of purebred breeding cattle implemented in our trade sector. This year we have already sold about 90 thousand heads. We are reviewing the possibility, given the genetic potential, reproduction of the herd, to 2020 to the order of 35.7 million tonnes of milk,” he said.

Photo: Government of the Moscow region

Exchange of experience

After the meeting the participants noted the constructive nature of the discussion and exchanged opinions about the organization and development of the dairy industry in the country. In addition, in the framework of the forum signed 5 investment agreements that aim to attract additional funds to the development of the dairy industry of the Moscow region. The total investment is about 2.5 billion rubles.

According to the papers “Group M9” is going to hold the construction of a dairy-commodity farm for 1008 heads in the Stupino district, JSC “Enterprise “Emelyanovo” — farm for 600 head of dairy cattle in Ozersk district, ZAO AIS “Farm Growth” will begin to implement the project on construction of the barn and maternity ward for 500 cows forage in Silver-Prudskikh district, JSC “Agrofirma Sosnovka” — the construction of the dairy farm for 400 heads of dairy cattle in Ozersk district, (f)X “Krokhin, Alexander O.” planning the construction of a commercial dairy goat farm on 2 thousand dairy goats in Pavlovo-Posadsky district.

The government of the Moscow region under the agreements was signed by acting Minister of agriculture and food of the region Andrey Razin.

“The Governor has set the task to increase milk production to 1 million tons by 2020. We plan to increase the milking herd, to attract investments to implement new projects. We signed a number of agreements, including on cooperation with “Danone”. This company is the largest recycler in the Moscow region — 550 tons daily processing of milk, so a joint development in this direction is a top priority for us. Under the agreement, Danone, first and foremost, plans to continue processing. But we go a little further and discussed the possibility of co-investing in the development of the industry”, — said Andrey Razin.

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