Incredibly agile company. Eremenko and 5 players caught on cocaine

Compactly La Comedy. Series with suspended midfielder of CSKA Moscow’s Roman Eremenko ended 40 days after its beginning. UEFA disqualified player “army” of the club and the national team of Finland for two years. The reason is the presence of traces of cocaine in a doping sample athletes, made after the away match of the Champions League with the English “Tottenham”.

Why “business Eremenko” understood so long? While official information. Surely the player was given some “plausible” history of contact with a prohibited substance in the body. Tennis players usually always have a girl that kisses them in a nightclub lips, which still has traces of drugs. On the confirmation or refutation of this version takes some time.

For that disqualified player Roman Eremenko?

It is quite possible that CSKA, or the player himself, the appeal will consider the matter in some court of arbitration for Sport. It is unlikely, however, give any result. For 40 days the representatives of UEFA surely had time to study all aspects of the case and last week tried really hard to make the right decision. By the time when the period of Ineligibility expires, Roman Eremenko will cease to be a CSKA player — his contract with the club ends in the summer of 2018.

Roman Eremenko, of course, not the first and certainly not the last footballer to be caught on the cocaine. This “glamorous” drug is very popular among the rich and famous.

Diego Maradona

The first player whose name comes to mind when you hear the word “cocaine”, of course, is probably the best player in the history of world football, the Argentinian Diego Armanda Maradona.

Cocaine addiction chased him for almost the entire career. Addicted same Diego to cocaine during his games for Barcelona. The drugs helped him to feel better in unfamiliar surroundings.

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“At first I felt the emotional shock: everything around me became very light, fun, entertaining. Wonderful sensations which, unfortunately, did not last long. And then I felt the need to start it again and again and didn’t know how to get out of this state,” — says the player.

For the first time, Diego was caught for cocaine in 1991. The player was awarded a disqualification for 15 months, the term of which has not been reduced. Maradona himself, though did not deny the fact that taking drugs, accused the leadership of the Serie A falsification of the test results. It turns out the player had conducted its own tests on the eve of matches to be sure that it won’t get caught.

Re-coked Diego caught already 1997 when his career is slowly drawing to a close. However, Maradona managed to come out unscathed. The judge believed his story that the drugs his body was introduced specifically to discredit the player. The player is told about the calls with threats to throw him the cocaine and daughters swore that nothing was using. This was enough for the court. The suspension was lifted.

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Paulo Cesar Kazhu

Another world champion who was convicted of cocaine — Brazilian Paulo Cesar Kazhu. However, to drugs he became addicted after his career was over his peak.

The player lived out his century in the French football club “the Ex”, where he began taking drugs, gaining popularity in Europe in the early 80-ies of the last century. Hand he’s never been caught, so the player suspensions have been avoided.

About the addiction to cocaine became known, when on the screens out a documentary film about ten days of world Cup champion in 1970. It turned out that for the sake of a few grams of white powder cherished Paulo Cesar agreed to sell its gold medal winner of the world Cup.

Paulo Cesar Kazhu. Photo:

Paul Gascoigne

By some miracle, managed to do without disqualified, and one of the most talented and certainly the most controversial England player Paul Gascoigne.

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Addiction to alcohol and drugs has evolved even when he was still an active player. Bad habits have started to progress after his retirement, when Gascoigne began to let coaches and teammates along with the inevitable doping tests after the match.

The old man (namely the old man 49-year-old veteran) had a ball. First became aware of hospitalization of the legendary player, whose body could not stand the wild cocktail of alcohol and a large quantity of drugs. Later the police arrested him with a small shipment of cocaine. The veteran was immediately admitted to the hospital, and the court treated the sentence of two months imprisonment on probation.

Paul Gascoigne. Photo:

Claudio Canija

In the distant 80-90-ies of the last century, no one could understand that there is an eternal Joker and the bully’s Diego Maradona and quiet, calm-looking Claudio Canija. The truth was revealed only in 1993.

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Common Maradona with Canidia was drugs. Cocaine in the body of the Argentinian footballer was discovered soon after his move to Roman Roma. Interestingly, the doping test the player failed just after the match against Napoli, which was made by Diego Maradona. Only as the players staged a Grand party at the meeting.

Whoopee cost Claudio 13 months of excommunication from football. He had to take part in the world championship in USA in 1994. However, before the start of the tournament, Maradona passed a positive doping test and the coach “sin” has deduced from structure and Canigou.

Claudio Canija. Photo:

Adrian Mutu

Romanian football player Adrian Mutu could be the best player of his country in history. In 2003 the London “Chelsea” Roman Abramovich bought the player for huge by the standards of that time 19 million euros. He did not have time to spend on the team and six months, as in his doping sample was cocaine. Followed by a 7-month ban and a ridiculous fine from football Federation in the amount of 20 thousand pounds.

But the worst was just ahead. On player sue Chelsea, immediately terminated a player’s contract. The club of Roman Abramovich demanded of a football player to pay compensation in the amount spent on its purchase amount. Hearings in various courts continued until 2010. The final decision was made by the Sports arbitration court, obliging the player to pay Chelsea € 17.2 million. In this sum cost the player party with cocaine, not to mention the missed opportunities and profits.

Adrian Mutu. Photo:

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