Manager Carlsen was asked to remove cameras from restrooms players

The Manager of the current world chess champion Magnus Carlsen Georgian Agdestein asked the organizers of the match for the world title in new York city to remove the cameras from rest rooms of the players, informs the Norwegian TV channel NRK.

Sergey Karjakin: “Not that he is invincible, this Magnus Carlsen”

During the match players sometimes get removed in the break room, while the opponent is thinking on his next move. During one of the games between Carlsen and Russian GM Sergey Korjakina journalist Dagbladet Tarja Swensen has published in social networks photo of recreation room, where at this time rested Carlsen.

His Manager said that Magnus probably did not know of the presence of cameras in the break room. The consent is given to managers after assurances from organisers that access to the cameras by the judges.


The World Champion Karjakin half asleep while thinking about his move. Again! #CarlsenKarjakin

— Tarjei J. Svensen (@TarjeiJS) 17 Nov 2016


For the first five parties, each of which ended in a draw, the score – 2,5:2,5. The sixth party will take place on Friday, Karjakin will play with white pieces.

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