Many adults suffer from disorders of the autistic spectrum, but don’t know it

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Many people live to advanced age, not suspecting that suffer from diseases of the autistic spectrum. They often since childhood, feel lonely, have virtually no friends situation persists in adolescence and in adulthood and even in old age.

Even if these people decide to understand what happens to them, they are faced with serious problems. Researchers from the University of Vermont (University of Vermont) found that, on average, to independently diagnose the disorder autistic spectrum in adults, takes about 3.8 years. The study involved 37 adults.

Many noted that they had from childhood felt different. These sensations are preserved into adulthood. One of the patients says that he lived in different major cities for a decade – none he has failed to make friends.

After people learned about the existence of other patients who perhaps was also autistic spectrum disorder, they began to feel more relaxed. Reading the stories of other patients they began to feel a “sense of belonging”. One of the participants in the study said that felt simultaneously relieved and upset at hearing “their” story from the lips of another man, told in his own words.

Laura Lewis (Laura Lewis), who led the research, pointed out that the absence of a formal diagnosis increased the risk of such people depression anxiety and increased the likelihood of suicide. She believes that doctors and the public should be aware of the existence of a group of people who do not know that they suffer from autistic spectrum disorders and those who self-set myself such a diagnosis. Their experience and self-awareness cannot be neglected.

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