New test to diagnose melanoma for a few hours

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Test-based “liquid biopsy” to diagnose melanoma for a few hours. Quick diagnosis makes possible early treatment and reduce mortality among patients. This is especially important in cases where patients have found common forms of cancer.

The test was created by researchers from Melbourne. They tell us that the application of the new test has already helped to save the life of the patient with melanoma. The diagnosis was Natasha stork (Stork Natasha), a young mother from Australia. Just a few weeks after birth she began to suffer from pains in the stomach. Applying the new analysis, doctors diagnosed patients stage 4 metastatic melanoma. The woman was discovered metastases to the stomach, small intestine, femur and liver.

The doctors were able to prescribe treatment only after they were able to determine what type of cancer did the patient. Usually it is necessary to conduct invasive procedures in which a tumor sample is taken.

The doctors did a blood test and the result was ready in just six hours. Doctors found in tumor cells of BRAF-mutation and prescribe adequate treatment as fast as I could. Now Natasha is in remission.

Jonathan Sebon (Jonathan Cebon), Professor-oncologist, explains that patients with widespread melanoma can’t wait treatment for a long time and it is crucial to supply them with the diagnosis.

Now the test used to diagnose lung cancer and melanoma, and in the future will be tests suitable for detecting other types of tumors.

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