Obama and EU leaders have stated the need to maintain sanctions against Russia

US President Barack Obama and European leaders meeting in Berlin

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The war of sanctions

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Obama and Merkel discussed the preservation of sanctions against Russia
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Even 2521 material

Barack Obama and European leaders meeting in Berlin have agreed on its position on anti-Russian sanctions. They came to a consensus that sanctions should remain in force

President Barack Obama and European leaders meeting in Berlin on Friday came to a consensus that sanctions against Russia should continue until until it is completely fulfilling its part of the Minsk agreements. This is stated in a White house statement, according to Reuters.

It adds Bi-bi-si, European leaders met in Berlin with Obama in anticipation of his upcoming departure from the post of President of the United States. The main issues discussed at the meeting were the threat from the banned in Russia “Islamic state” and the pressure on Moscow over the situation in Ukraine. The summit participants hoped to give a signal to Obama’s successor to Donald Trump that now is not time to cancel sanctions against Russia, said Bi-bi-si.

At the meeting were the Prime Ministers of Britain and Germany Theresa may and Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and the Prime Ministers of Italy and Spain, Matteo Renzi and Mariano Rajoy.

The meeting in Berlin was the first opportunity for European leaders to discuss face to face the consequences of the victory of Donald trump in the presidential election of the United States, emphasizes Bi-bi-si.

On the eve of the issue of extending sanctions on Russia, Obama discussed at the meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. In it, Obama talked about his position that sanctions must continue until, until you have fully implemented the Minsk agreement.

Obama expressed hope that US President-elect Donald trump will adopt a constructive approach in relations with Russia, where are the interests of Washington and Moscow, but will be able to resist it when necessary.

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