Presents new evidence that electronic cigarettes harmful

Addicted to electronic cigarettes not so safe for health, how many believe. With this statement made by the American experts from University of Rochester. According to scientists, these vapor cigarettes cause inflammatory reaction in the gums, thereby making them more vulnerable.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

The researchers grew in the laboratory fragments of gum tissue and “envelop with smoke” their 15 minute smoke different electronic cigarette, then watched the scene changes. As it turned out, reaction to couples in many cases are irritated gum cells. In the human body, according to researchers, this could lead to the development of various diseases of the oral cavity. The specialists say that this “side effect” it had only cigarettes with different aromatic flavors.

Many of the people Smoking e-cigarettes, explained his choice by the fact that it is safer for the health than Smoking conventional cigarettes. Although the majority recognizes that a considerable share of truth, “to idealize” the Smoking according to some experts, is not worth it.

It’s not just about several cases when the electronic cigarette exploded in the hands of their owners. From time to time various scientists have published research which suggests that “harmless” e-cigarettes somewhat overestimated. In particular, in 2012 the Greek experts speaking at the Congress of the European respiratory society in Vienna, warned that electronic cigarettes can be dangerous for the lungs.

This year researchers representing Hong Kong Baptist University made a statement that electronic cigarettes can lead to problems with fertility, as they contain orders of magnitude more pollutants than in polluted air over the highway with heavy traffic. A few months later, scientists from the University of southern California in Los Angeles noted another disadvantage of electronic cigarettes — according to experts, often addiction becomes a step on the road to “normal” cigarettes, thus partly nullifying the efforts of governments to combat Smoking.

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