Prisoners of the Karelian colonies complained of the torture

The corps of prison

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Prisoners of the two colonies in Karelia complained of torture by the correctional officers in the TFR and the Prosecutor’s office told RBC lawyers “Гулагу.net”. Informed about tortures in IK-7 told the opposition leader Ildar Dading

Inmates of penal colonies № 1 and № 7 in the Karelian town of Segezha again said about torture on the part of correctional staff. About it RBC have informed the coordinator of the project “Гулагу.net” Anton Drozdov. According to him, the prisoners managed to communicate only with the lawyer Anna Kutuzova, and human rights defenders in the colony are not allowed.

Kutuzov told RBC that the prisoners Zelimkhan Geliskhanov and Anzor Mamayev told her about the regular torture. As follows from the Protocol bar of the survey Geliskhanov (RBC), torture against him began in 2012 after refusing to join the “Sdip” Section of discipline and order in the colony. In particular, according to the prisoner, he was hung in handcuffs to the bars, repeatedly caused injuries of varying severity.

Mamaev previously talked about the violence in the colony, the presidential Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova (arrived in the colony November 3, after the letters Dading). After which he was transferred from IK-7, IK-1, where it continues to beat, said Mamaev in conversation with Kutuzova.

The statement with the requirement to verify complaint Geliskhanov was sent to the Prosecutor’s office of the Karelia Republic on 11 November, Kutuzov says RBC. According to her, the appeal was accepted and passed in the Republican Investigative Committee. Statement Mamaev lawyer sent to the Prosecutor’s office in the near future.

In the Karelian Prosecutor’s office on supervision of observance of laws in correctional institutions confirmed the fact of receipt of the application from Geliskhanov and noted that it has already passed in the Republican investigative Committee.

In the Karelian office of the Federal penitentiary service RBC reported that they have not yet received information about new incidents. “At the moment I know nothing about the accident and any torture” — the head a press-services of management Vitaly Fefelov.

Founder of the social network, “the” Mr Seckin, told RBC that will continue to apply in all instances. “We have protocols bar of the survey and the statements of prisoners about the ongoing tortures in IK-7 and IK-1. They testified about the ways and the place of these torture. We have collected all the evidence base that establishes the facts of the crime by members of the FPS. We will prepare a report and statement which we will submit to the attorney General, the Chairman of SC, the head of the presidential administration, the HRC and the Director of the Federal penitentiary service” — said the Seckin.

This is the second case of complaints of torture in the Segezha colony for a month. 1 November, the media published a letter of a prisoner of the same colony Ildar Dading in which he accused the prison staff in human rights, beating and torture. The letter he sent through his lawyer. Dading was sentenced in December 2015 to three years General regime colony (later the sentence was reduced to 2.5 years) under article 212.1 of the criminal code, becoming the first convicted of violating the order of the meeting.

Letter Ildar Dading resonated at the Federal level. FSIN has conducted a medical check and, as stated by the Deputy Director of Department Valery Maksimenko has not found “any injuries on I. Dadine” (quoted by RIA news). Maximenko also noted that the use of handcuffs to Dadina September 12 logged and verified. The investigative Committee in the Republic of Karelia has started preliminary examination on the fact of publication in the media of torture on the same day, November 1.

Two days later, on 3 November, on the website of the Republican Department of the TFR was reported that “the facts of illegal use to the condemned physical force do not find their confirmation.” 3 Nov to a colony there came the Commissioner for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova, she offered to translate the Dading in another colony, “because in any case will always be a suspicion of bias or subjective approach to the person” (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Dading has not been transferred to another prison. On 17 November it became known about his fight with a cellmate. In a statement on the website of the Karelian administration of the FSIN States that the fight occurred on home soil, the prisoner received an abrasion in the area of the lips, and his cellmate — multiple head injuries.

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