Rotenberg, Pasquato and blacksmiths. The main “con-rods” of Russian football

Recently , the Uruguayan footballer Sebastian Abreu, who in October was 40 years old, set a new world record for the number of transfers. It is the 28th time in his career changed the team, moving from Salvadoran club “Santa Tecla” in command of the fourth division of the Brazilian “Bang”. During his career, Abreu managed to play in 23 different clubs from ten countries.

We began to wonder how close to this achievement, though of doubtful nature, were able to get players playing for clubs in the Russian football Premier League (RFPL). We have selected seven players in his career which was the highest compared with the others, a number of different clubs.

Boris Rotenberg

Boris Rotenberg. Photo: Svetlana Beketov

The leaders were three of them, but the most successful of them at the moment is the Russian defender of the Moscow “Locomotive” Boris Rotenberg. In his 30 years he managed to play in 12 different clubs. This is almost two times less than the Abreu, but for the current Premier League — a record.

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Up to 20 years Boris Rotenberg “wandered about” Finnish football clubs, starting with the youth team club Brugge, where he joined “Jokerit” and later in “Klubi-04”. That all changed in 2006 when a talented footballer drew the attention of the coaching staff of the St. Petersburg “Zenith”.

To gain a foothold in the first team of Petrograd, however, the young player has failed. Began a long period of walking on the leases for the sake of match practice: “Shinnik” “Saturn” “Khimki”, “Alania”… In 2011, the paths of Rotenberg and Zenit finally broke. On the free agent defender joined Dynamo Moscow. After spending a year on the bench, he again began to travel around the leases: “Kuban”, the Cypriot Olympiakos of Nicosia, “Rostov”

It is in the “Rostov” Rotenberg reached the peak of his career, winning under the guidance of Kurban Berdyev, the silver medal of the national championship and almost becoming the champion. This was followed by a return to the “Dynamo”, from where the footballer moved to free the capital “locomotive” under the wing of Yuri Semin. On the field, however, he in red and green to get out before it happened.

Christian Pasquato

Christian Pasquato. Photo:

If Rothenberg of its record reached in only 30 years, Italian football player Christian Pasquato managed to do it much earlier. On account of his at least 12 different teams have appeared in 27 years

At the moment, ex-forward of the youth national team of Italy performs as a member of Samara “wings of the Soviets”, which, however, the rights to the player belong. Christian holding a contract with the legendary Juventus. In this club he started playing in 2008, once in the application main command. In the same year, however, began his wanderings in leases: “Empoli”, “Triestina”, “Modena”, Lecce, Torino.

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In 2012, the right to Pasquato for 1.5 million euros has different black-and-white Italian club Udinese. But to play in Udine, the player is not meant to be. It is sent immediately to rent in Bologna, and then in the “Padova”.

In 2014, the reverse transfer. “Juventus” for the 1.5 million euros buys the rights to his pupil. But only in order again to send it to “overexposure” to another club — “Delfino Pescara”. A year later, the player is in “Livorno” and then again in “Delfino of Pescada”.

In the summer of 2016 Pasquato is in the “Wings of the Soviets”. At the moment, as part of the Samara team attacking player managed to hold 9 matches in the championship of the mills, and 2 games at the Cup of Russia. For 538 minutes, he scored just two assists.

Sergey Kuznetsov

Sergey Kuznetsov. Photo: RIA Novosti/ Alain Kardash

The third holder of the record for the number of clubs tried is the same age as Boris Rotenberg of FC Tom Tomsk — Sergey Kuznetsov. In his 30 years in this player also managed to change 11 different teams, speaking now for the 12-club, in which if the players will continue to withhold wages, it will not last long.

It all began at the turn of the Millennium, when a young lad came to learn to play football in the Moscow team “Nika”. She became famous due to the fact that in 2006, her coach and consultant, was appointed the legendary Oleg Romantsev. But Sergei Kuznetsov in the club to this point was gone.

In 2003 he moved to the “Saturn” in 2004 — “the Beam-Energy” from Vladivostok, where he was 700 thousand euros, not so bad money, acquired a Dynamo. In the blue and white midfielder spent five partial matches and no different. But the player still managed to attract the attention of scouts of Moscow “Locomotive”, which in 2005 laid out for 850 thousand euros.

Half a year later, the midfielder was sent to rent in the familiar “the Beam-Energy”. Then there were short trips in the Samara “wings of the Soviets” and Krasnodar “Kuban”. In 2009, Kuznetsov goes to Rostov, where in 2010 he went to “Khimki”. Starts the second wave of the leases for two consecutive season in the already familiar “Wings of the Soviets”.

From “Khimki” Kuznetsov went to play with “Mordovia”, which in 2012 changes in the Tula Arsenal. Latest the player’s transfer took place in the summer of 2015. He joined “Tom”. This season he played only in three matches, having played the entire 155 minutes. But before he went out in the “Tom” in 34 League games, scoring 8 goals and giving 3 passes. That’s just it all happened not in the Premier League, and the second power of the Football national League (FNL).

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