Scientists have captured the most striking “alien signal”

An international group of scientists, which included astrophysicists from the USA, Australia and Germany, found the most striking quick burst ever recorded. Such impulses sometimes called alien signals as long as the researchers are unable to say with certainty as they arise.


According to the researchers, the most likely source of a short but powerful momentum is galaxy VHS7. Also, experts note that the collected data allow us to clarify some information about the magnetic fields between the Solar system and this galaxy.

To date, astrophysicists don’t know for sure what is the source of fast radio pulses. According to one version, their source may be a neutron star from outer space — Magnetar or blicky. Other experts are of the opinion that the source is less powerful, but is closer to the Earth within the milky way. There is the assumption that the pulses are mistaken for “signals from space”, but actually have a terrestrial origin and generated by some technical devices. However, the experts, to “catch” a new signal, the latest version seems the least likely.

The first quick pulse was discovered in 2001, and since then, there were about ten. Scientists do not exclude that the study of signals of this kind would answer some questions about the evolution of the Universe.

Recently the American scientists from University of Penn, noticed that the rapid radio pulses is accompanied by a powerful gamma-ray flash, lasting for several minutes. On the one hand, allows to better understand the nature of these signals and suggests that they could be dangerous if their source was close to the Ground.

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