Settled on paper? Pogoreltsy from the Volgograd and a half years waiting for apartments


“Roma was home during the fire, we pulled through the window, the benefit of the neighbors helped. Wrapped in his sheets, because puffed all, I was scared, was afraid of choking. He was 9 months. Neighbors lined up a column, took it to the street” — Yulia Lykova remembers with horror that they had them as a family to survive on may 26, 2015. Then their two-storey house with 8 apartments in Krasnoarmeysk district of Volgograd on the street Pallasovskiy, 27 flared like a match in a matter of minutes. Simple fact: home of the 1952 year built, inside wood, outside, lined with silicate bricks. Husband Vitaly just came home from work, climbed the stairs and barely washed his hands, he felt the acrid smell of smoke. Opened the door, but the way down was cut off. The staircase was on fire. Julia with her husband and 80-year-old grandmother is already down could not. They were rescued by firemen.

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So now the house looks inside. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Kuzmina

A year and a half the house is literally in shambles. Inside the entrance do not get: a dangerous. Can fall through the floor or ceiling debris to fall on his head. Forgotten children’s toys, hastily pulled out of the fire, the armchair, anything that is not managed to steal the marauders, and left to lie here. Yes, and whether it makes sense to take? The house recognised as emergency in 2014, and were subject to resettlement during the year, it is not surprising that people after the fire was hoping to soon get a new comfortable housing.

The court

“The administration instead, we did not provide, we all left after a fire where someone: who to relatives, who for rental housing, — says Yulia Lykova. And here still — for more than a year has passed — nothing done.”

Burnt children’s toys and left lying around the house. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Kuzmina

Tired of waiting the mercy of the authorities, Julia filed for administration in court, where required to provide her family housing. The first trial, which took place in December 2015, supported the plaintiffs, but the administration of Volgograd has filed an appeal. But the appellate court sided with the victims.

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Yulia Lykova is the only whole house seeking the truth and protect their interests in the courts. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Kuzmina

“The court once again in our favor made a decision that on may 18 it entered into force, but to this day, although by the end of the year nears, the administration does not comply with the court’s decision, — says Julia. — They say there is no money in the budget and all. They live in their apartments in the heat, and my daughter always asks when we get home.”

Vitaly Lykov daughter angelina and son Roma. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Kuzmina

Yulia and Vitaly three children. The eldest, Angeline — 7 years. The girl had just started first grade and wants to get a kitten. But the Lykovs can’t afford that: not all owners like the hotel with the animals. “We this year already 5 times, probably, moved, — complains Julia, — move and move from place to place.”

And to enforce the decision of the court of administration of Volgograd a large family also can not. I even went to the reception of the presidential administration in the region, but it got turned down. “They told us: “what do you want? Every day we are burning houses in the region, we must provide housing?”” — says Yulia.

Home is under control. What people get instead of the emergency housing?


Meanwhile, the official website of the housing reform, which published all the lists of damaged houses of Russia, subject to resettlement, house Lykov too. Only there it appears already settled a year ago. Maybe the administration of the Volgograd and housing fire victims was provided, except that Lykovs not know about it?

However, the Lykovs wasn’t the only one on this miserable Pallasovskiy the street. On the contrary exactly the same house, ready at any moment to collapse or catch fire. Its residents are almost literally on a powder keg.

“Here, take the stairs: it’s all rotten,” the 32-year-old Ivan Gubanov demonstrates it, barely touching the railing. According to him, the house was attacked by rats and mice, because the drain is not closed.

Ivan Gubanov shows where flowing sewage. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Kuzmina

“We’re from the same jungle — adds the mother of Ivan Gubanov, Nina. — We were upgraded, and the children left, only they have a house of our worse. Here, open sewers everywhere, and everything is still. They have heating for 3.5 thousand. What 3.5 thousand for the barn one warm? — outraged pensioner. — I, the Commission itself held: both regional, and city. Since 2006, the documents, when I touched on the administration of these was not at home. None of the “emergency signal” could not come to any home. We replied: “But you haven’t! No accounts“. Like this?! If we live here!”

Burnt a house down the street Pallasovskiy, 27. Photo: AiF/ Nadezhda Kuzmina

While uncle and aunt in high offices decide whether to grant Lykov housing, whether to execute the court decision, large family wandering in the rented apartment. And their neighbors from across the street every night I fall asleep in fear: you will not burn them and the house in a matter of minutes as the match? Will it be possible this time to avoid casualties?

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