State Duma deputies were more likely to take sick leave and vacation

During a meeting of the state Duma. October 2016

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The deputies were more likely to take sick leave and unpaid leave, found RBC. This allows them to avoid fines for truancy plenary sessions, which reach 60 thousand.

Wednesday, November 16, the state Duma enacted the decree on fines in 1/6 of salary (approximately 60 thousand rubles) for deputies for absenteeism of each plenary session without a valid reason. For valid reasons include temporary disability (if, for example, has a hospital sheet), trip, and also implementation of powers of the members of the Council of the Duma (the Duma leadership).

According to statistics from the website of the state Duma at a meeting on Wednesday, never for a day did not register in the hall 14 of United Russia, two Communists and one Deputy from the liberal democratic party. All the deputies from “Fair Russia” participated in the meeting, to the data.

All missing United Russia had a good reason, said RBC executives intra-faction groups. “We have if anyone was absent, it was absent for a good reason: who hurts who the leave without pay took who to the mission”, — told RBC, the head of one of the groups of United Russia, a member of the Committee on rules Victor Pinsky. “Absent without good reason is not” — said RBC Raisa Karmazina about the members of your group.

About half of United Russia, who missed the meeting on Wednesday, called in sick, follows from the explanations of the leaders of the groups. According to them, almost all of the others missing took a vacation at his own expense.

The so sick singer Joseph Kobzon, and also the richest MP of the sixth convocation according to the last Declaration campaign Leonid Simanovsky, said RBC Pinsky.

To monitor the attendance of MPs meetings became possible after the abolition of the possibility of transmission by the MP of his voice to a colleague in the faction. The corresponding decision of the Duma adopted on 21 October.

Since then, it took six meetings in the Duma database statistics cover only the first five. They were absent 10 to 25 of United Russia, two Communists, four spravorossov and one Deputy from the liberal democratic party.

Three missed meetings, the Chairman of the Commission on Deputy ethics Otari Arshba and one of the wealthiest of Deputy Andrey Skoch. Both called in sick, said the interlocutors RBC in the faction. Five meetings did not visit Communist Alexey Ponomarev for health reasons, explained RBC, the first Deputy head of the faction Sergei Reshulsky. The four sessions of the absent Vice-the speaker from “Fair Russia” Olga Epifanova, three — the first Deputy head of the faction Alexander Burkov. Both took a vacation at his own expense, explained RBC a source in the faction.

The deputies were more likely to take sick leave and unpaid leave, in the last Duma such cases there was virtually no confirmed RBC a source in the office of the Duma. In the sixth convocation it was not necessary: the MPs attended the meeting, could pass on to colleagues their voting cards for them and did not fined for truancy, he said.
MPs is more profitable to take a vacation at his own expense, than to skip the meeting: in the first case, they will not receive about 16 thousand rubles. per day in the second — 60 thousand.

Checking the information of the factions on the attendance of deputies to determine the cause of their absence at meetings will be addressed by the Committee on rules, said Pinsky. According to him, if detected shirkers without a reasonable excuse, the decision on penal deductions from the salaries will be published on the website of the Duma.

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