The boy lost almost a half of a skull printed on the new 3D printer

Photo: CBS LA

In 2014, five year old Teddy ward (Teddy Ward) while walking slipped and fell from a high cliff, received a serious injury — the bones of the left half of his skull was shattered. The child was still alive, but the surgery to replace the skull failed, and Teddy was discharged home in a protective helmet, which he was forced to wear ever since, 24 hours a day. The boy’s mother, Lisa ward (Lisa Ward), said that before her son was a rambunctious child, but due to injury he lost the ability to walk to a friend’s house, to go crazy with them and play because she was afraid that he might accidentally bump. Parents, friends Teddy, too, was afraid to invite him to visit, as I didn’t want to be responsible for a child without a skull.

Now, all of that in the past. Doctors from Children’s hospital Los Angeles (Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles) has found a solution to the problem of the boy. They have created for the child the implant of industrial plastic — polyetheretherketone (PEEK). Doctor Teddy mark index of urate (Mark Urata) said that this material has physical properties similar to the properties of real bone tissue and the implant, according to him, perfect boy.

The operation took place last month and proved successful. Now Teddy ward can play with friends without fear for his head, and he again became as active a child as you were before the fall. The only limitation, which he now operates, on about football — this game Teddy to not play.

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