The Central Bank has revoked the licenses of three banks

The Central Bank of Russia from November 18, withdrew the license for implementation of Bank operations at once at three credit organizations: the National mortgage Bank (Nsbank), KB “Metropol” and capital Investment-commercial Bank “OLMA-Bank”, the regulator reported.

Black accounting. What to do to depositors of bankrupt banks-cheaters?

It is reported that Nzbank with a poor quality assets inadequately assessed risks. The management policy of the Bank led to a complete loss of own capital of the organization. In addition, were not accepted due measures on counteraction to laundering of criminal incomes.

Moscow Bank “Metropol” also inadequately assessed the risks of the assets. Requirements of the Supervisory authority the Bank has not yet been fulfilled, because repeatedly there were grounds for taking measures on prevention of bankruptcy. Check also showed dubious transactions in the Bank.


According to the Bank, for the past year OLMA-Bank has repeatedly violated the banking legislation and statutory acts of Bank of Russia. Thus the credit organization made a decrease for three consecutive months, the amount of own funds (capital) below the minimal amount established by part seven of article 11.2 of the Federal law “On banks and banking activities”.

All these banks are participants of system of insurance of contributions ASV.

According to statements by total assets of Nsbank on November 1, 2016 375 took place in the banking system of the Russian Federation “Metropol” – 377-e, OLMA-Bank – 611-e a place.

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