The chances to win Karjakin Carlsen has markedly increased bookmakers

Bookmakers say the increased chances of the Russian grandmaster Sergey Karjakin to win the match for the world title against Magnus Carlsen, which these days takes place in new York. A draw after five games the score is 2.5 – 2.5 and the next batch Karjakin will start with white pieces, which gives some advantage.

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If before the chances of success of Russian bookmakers was 1 to 6, now to win Karjakin in a match can be supplied with a ratio of 4.8. Of winning favorite, Carlsen, you can earn 1.58 times more than the amount of your initial bet. A draw in the match of the 12 parties is estimated by the factor of 3.8, the website Rating bookmakers.

The sixth party will begin in new York on Friday November 18, when in Moscow the clock is 22:00. Despite the fact that the game will start the Russian Grand master, the favorite, the bookies still believe the Norwegian – ratio of 5.8. The success of the Treaty will increase the bet amount of the player guessing the 6.5 times. The most likely outcome looks like a draw. Bets on this outcome are accepted with a coefficient of 1.28.

We will remind that the championship match consists of 12 games. The winning chess player scored 6.5 points. If 12, the winner will not reveal, will be assigned the additional lot, which will be held in a different format.

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