The military wiped his feet on the child in prestigious Chita gymnasium

The father of the disciple, “Russian gymnasium” Chita said the portal “” about violence to his son in the school.

photo: Dmitry Katerinov

According to men, this was the result of a conflict with the daughter of a soldier, who had studied in the same school. He and his wife at the beginning of October entered the class, they locked the doors so the students witness the massacre and could not escape, and then “dropped it (the son of the narrator — ed.) on the floor and began to wipe his feet.”

Made history in the media the father of the child victim in the story because, as it turned out, the materials on the incident were transferred to the military investigation Department of the Chita garrison, the employee stated that the attackers “are not facing any punishment, even the administration, because of changes in the law.”

If the leadership of the school was eliminated from the conflict, and its Deputy Director on educational work Natalya Skazhutin decided that nothing terrible has happened: “…the boy called the girl. Dad came to sort things out, grabbed him by the lapels. Well, come homeroom teacher, had a conversation and everything.”

Official bodies like the police and the Chita garrison, declined to comment.

We will add that month of training in the “Russian school” costs 18 thousand rubles, and on its page “Vkontakte” one of the objectives of the institution stated “the revival and re-establishment of spirituality in the school, providing opportunities to the younger generation to feel deeply our national dignity.”

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