The tradition of storing milk teeth supported genetics

Milk teeth contain dozens of valuable stem cells suitable for growing new organs and to treat various diseases. To such conclusion Dr. Songtao Shi from the us National Institute of dental (National Dental Institute).

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

A team of specialists working under the leadership of Shi, found that the teeth of adult humans contain only one type of stem cells and baby teeth (8-10 years old) consist of a completely different stem cells. They are located inside the tooth, in the pulp. Using these cells in the future to restore the tooth or to grow cells of the pancreas, which produce insulin. The main thing — time to send the fallen baby teeth storage.

According to the doctor, the milk teeth of the child should freeze in the next 48 hours after their loss in special depositories, will be a guarantee that the cells contained within them will be saved.

Review neurogenetic head of the laboratory for genetics and development, Institute of gene biology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the RAS Galina PAVLOVA:

Yes, in baby teeth, there really is a stem, but rather stem and progenitor cells, but keep them yourself you will still not be able. In our country there are banks of umbilical cord blood and placenta, and storage of milk teeth no. Of course, the extraction of stem cells from deciduous teeth, the most painless procedure compared to other methods of extracting stem cells, but firstly, this procedure is much more complicated than the extraction from umbilical cord blood, and secondly, the stem cells in baby teeth, not so much. To get them in sufficient quantity, will require the cultivation and long-term cultivation associated with uncontrolled division leads to genetic change in the cells. That is, before cultivation, it is necessary to develop control technology for possible changes. In General stem cells from teeth have great potential for future use: they can grow new teeth (in the West already have such technology), vessels, nervous tissue. Maybe now, in connection with the decision in the summer of the Federal law “On biomedical cell products”, we will have more opportunities to study stem cells and will also appear banks for storage of milk teeth.

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