The United States urged to “immediately” restore the Russian access to LinkedIn

The press Secretary of the US Embassy in Russia Marie Olson said that Washington is very concerned about lock-in Russia the social network LinkedIn, reports RIA Novosti.

What is LinkedIn?

Olson said that U.S. calls on Russia to reconsider and “to immediately restore access” to the resource. According to her, this is a precedent, which “can be used to justify the closure of any site” that contains information about the Russians. Also the representative of the Embassy said that diplomats still continue to use LinkedIn.

November 17 the social network was tabletirovanija due to violations of the law on personal data retention Russians. Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation on the Internet German Klimenko believes that the incident is over and the social network will start working again in the country. In the administration of the social network reported that Roskomnadzor dialogue to solve differences.

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