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The survey of citizens shows that nuclear power is the most important, but in the eyes of many and the only thing that have the country for a dialogue with the surrounding world

What should be the country that it was able to earn the respect of other countries? To know ideas about this the Russians, Levada center asked them two questions. The first to find out, “what must first of all have any country to call for respect of other countries?” But since Russia is a country not “any”, then the second question was clear, and for that, we believe, respect other States in our country. As it turned out, the differences in the answers to these questions are very great.

Country abstract

The answers to the question about “any country” show abstract beliefs and shared value preferences of our fellow citizens. And very logically, in accordance with them in first place among the reasons to respect any country has reached “a high level of welfare of citizens”. The country where people are prosperous, where there is no poverty — the country deserves respect. This answer was the most frequent among all groups of respondents. More often such answer was given by the representatives of the poorest strata of society. And it is also understandable. The third most popular answer (second set aside) is very similar to the previous one, concerns not only individuals but the country as a whole — “a high level of economic development.” In total, they “weigh” almost as much as all the other answers combined. Here such, economically successful, the Russians see an abstract country that deserves respect. It would seem that all of this suggests that in a society very much concerned about their shared welfare they care about, would not have their country poor in the eyes of others.

Meanwhile, such factors as “high-culture (art, literature)”, called a matter of pride for the country, few — less than 10% (the fifth most popular response), and it is believed that we are very proud of their culture. Then it turned out that “a developed education system” is not making the country respected in the world, it was named by only 2% of respondents. In General, if I had money, everything else is not valued according to the Russians.

Now it’s time to say what factor of our citizens are put in second place. This “military power, nuclear weapons.” Moreover, there is a category meet, which puts it in the first place — men. More important for women’s welfare, armed force. This is our culture, which is actually the cultural component, as can be seen, does not really matter.

The answers to the questions that we have relate primarily to how it should be, to the sphere of ideals. Here, as we have seen, dominated by a female point of view, therefore, economic success as the reason for respect of the country have been leading. But in the field practical, that is, when we are talking not about an abstract country, and about our particular Russia, the rule recognizes the right of men. We shall see from the responses to the second question.

Country specific

So, for which Russia is respected in the world? 6% believe that it does not respect, almost the same equivocal — that is, whether respect, or not, and for what, and does not understand. The bitter response about the lack of respect often give other entrepreneurs and executives. But for them, not to mention all the others, such representation is marginal. And almost never disagrees with this youth.

The most common response is “military power, nuclear weapons.” It most vigorously, as in the first case, declared the men. It is their opinion, their discourse. Here he is dominant, it is evident from the fact that the answer about the weapons common in all other groups and categories of the respondents. It turns out that nuclear power is the most important, but in the eyes of many and the only thing we have for dialogue with other countries. In men, the answer about the weapon weight almost equal to all the other answers combined. Answers about “the rich natural resources and “large area” are in second and third places. But the significance of these factors in the eyes of men, respectively 2.6 and 4 times lower than the importance of weapons. Huge space with nuclear missiles and oil derricks — that’s the image of Russia, which, in the opinion of its inhabitants, commands respect from the outside world.

And what about our great culture? The value of Russian art and literature, domestic science and technology is 8 times smaller than imagined by the respondents the role of power factors. “The high level of welfare of citizens”, which the audience is led to first place in the abstract answers about the country for men is 10 times less important compared to our military might. And women are subject to men’s view of the willingness to violence as a guarantee of the respect of his enemies/friends. “Welfare” is for the weaker sex 7 times less important than military power and the weapons of mass destruction.

It remains to add that “human rights” as a reason for respect of Russia — 3% (last place). A low score could be explained by the fact that our citizens are, in General, know how things stand with respect to these (their) rights in their native Homeland. But in other countries they do not see the reason for respect (4%), that is, I believe that to the outside world, human rights are not significant.

The results

The fact that the level of welfare (now falling) worries many citizens, is not surprising. The idea that we are respected just for the fact that we can, in which case the use of weapons, including nuclear, is also understandable, especially in light of recently made on this account statements from the most authoritative mouth. Surprisingly another — how low prestige culture, which is far less important than the money and the nuclear button. In fact, as the reason for respect of culture is called not more than 8%. As it turns out, even educated people culture has a high value. And despite the fact that everywhere asserting “our great culture”, that Russia gave the world such geniuses as Dostoyevsky and Chekhov, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich.

What would it be? Masochistic joke about “Upper Volta with rockets” ceased to be a joke? If so, why?

After the Crimea, we saw that most reputable countries are not willing to understand or respect those of our steps that us filled with enthusiasm and pride. We are not very much worried about their economic sanctions, but, the poll shows, we suddenly realized that in the language of universal values, values of spiritual culture, science, art, we talk to the world can’t (or simply can’t, without “more”)? Assuring himself, if not power, then you are ready to scare, we in politics have lost faith in everything except power and wealth. The wealth is “they” and force “us”. They are rich but weak, we are poor, but spirited. If such a desperate mind leads the big decisions, he makes himself and the country, and the world in a high-risk zone.

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