The woman spent half a year in unnecessary chemotherapy

Photo: Google Images

In one of the hospitals of New South Wales in Australia the patient, whose name is not called, wrongly prescribed chemotherapy doctor prescribed treatment, the results of only one image CT scan, not giving further examination. As a result of “patient” for 6 months was treated for a cancer of 4 degrees, and only after her condition during those months did not improve, further testing showed that tumors are in fact benign.

It happened in 2014-2015, the name of the hospital was also not disclosed. The patient came for a consultation with a surgeon who after examining the CT scans told the woman that she had cancer of the liver stage 4. The oncologist, the surgeon redirected the patient, offered her a treatment plan that included 6 months of chemotherapy — but no additional surveys specialist did not do, relying on the opinion of colleagues. After 6 months the patient’s condition has not changed — the tumor in her liver has not diminished. Only after that the oncologist reviewed with the data of computer tomography, determined that education actually wore a benign nature.

The regimen was adjusted based on new data, in addition, the patient had to undergo further treatment, as chemotherapy has caused harm to her body. The woman fully recovered her health is now fine, and the case error, due to which she suffered, gave to the Medical Council of New South Wales, who will decide what punishment the surgeon and oncologist will suffer for their negligence.

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