“Time magazine has chosen the most influential photographs in history

The list of 100 pics – images influenced the human world or directly changed the way of life

The “Earth rise” (“Earthrise”) taken by the crew of the ship “Apollo 8” in 1968, godovoe: NASA/Reuters

– Time magazine chose the one hundred most influential photos in the past 190 years – the period covering the whole history of photography. The project is called 100 Photos, all pictures published on the website weekly.

The view from the window (1826)

As noted in the annotation, the creators of the project relied on the opinion of renowned experts, photographers and photo editors, historians and curators in different countries. Each picture is accompanied by the story of its creation, sometimes interviews or captured in the photo a man or his family and friends, sometimes related to personnel.

“There is no formula that makes the photo powerful. Some of the images included in our list because it was the first of its kind, others because they affect our worldview. And some have directly changed our way of life”, – stated in the message.

Among the selected images is considered the first ever photograph “view from the window” taken in 1826 using a pinhole camera (first fixed image was made in 1822, it has not survived), portrait of Ernesto Che Guevara, Muhammad Ali’s knockout selfie of Hollywood celebrities, taken during the Oscars in 2014, “Horror of war”, “Lunch on skyscraper”, “a Kiss on times square”, “Earthrise”, the crash of the airship “Hindenburg” “Man on the moon” and others.

If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars pic.twitter.com/C9U5NOtGap

— Starring Jimmy Fallon to sing Ellen (@TheEllenShow) March 3, 2014

Camelot, the famous photograph of John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy, is one of the 100 most influential images of all time. Learn why and see the full list on TIME.com/100Photos. Photograph by Hy Peskin—courtesy of the Hy Peskin Collection. #TIME100Photos

Photos published TIME (@time) Nov 17 2016 at 1:16 am PST

Park rangers and volunteers carry the body of a mountain gorilla killed in Virunga National Park on July 24, 2007, likely by members of an illegal charcoal-harvesting syndicate. This image, by @gettyreportage photographer @brentstirton, was selected by @time magazine for its 100 Most Influential Photos issue. Visit @time’s Instagram profile for a link to the feature. #time100photos #gorilla in #virunga #drc #conservation

Photo published by Getty Images Reportage (@gettyreportage) 17 Nov 2016 10:28 PST

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