Time magazine presented 100 most influential photographs in history

Time magazine launched the project “100 photos” (100 photos), which represented most strongly influenced the history of photography.

In the selection of the photographs was attended by journalists and experts: editors, historians, employees of major libraries and museums.

“In our project there are pictures, the first in its genre, there are those who have influenced the way we think”, – stated in the project description.

The authors say that uniting all photos are two factors: the photos, one way or another, influenced the minds of the audience; behind every photo is the author witness the events.

  • © Commons.wikimedia.org / Bundesarchiv

  • © Commons.wikimedia.org / Nationaal Archief/Spaarnestad Photo Nederlands

  • © Public Domain

  • © RIA Novosti / Yevgeny khaldei

  • © Commons.wikimedia.org / Personel aboard Necessary Evil derivative work, Charles Levy

  • © Public Domain

  • © Public Domain

  • © Public Domain

  • © Public Domain

  • © http://www.worldpressphoto.org/ / Malcolm W. Browne

  • © Commons.wikimedia.org / NASA

  • © http://www.worldpressphoto.org/ / Charlie Cole

  • © www.globallookpress.com

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