To give birth like Ksenia Sobchak. How much is the contract in the Moscow suburb of Lapino?

Childbirth socialite was held in the Moscow elite hospital — Clinical hospital Lapino “Mother and child”. This hospital is very popular among the Russian show-business. It is here decided to give birth actress Anna Khilkevich and Christine Asmus. Also, there were born twins Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin. This clinic is private, and therefore, childbirth and other related procedures are made only on a paid basis. Aephi decided to see how much you can do birth in the hospital.

How much for labor?

The value of contracts in Lapino directly depends on how many children the expectant mother waits for singleton pregnancies rates will be one, for a multiple — other.

Who gave birth to Sobchak?

At the clinical hospital of delivery will take 4 groups of physicians and, depending on which of them will work, is determined by the value of the contract. For example, if the woman and are taking birth doctors the first group, and is expected to stay in the clinic no more than 3 days for singleton pregnancies, the contract will be evaluated in 250 000. Under the same conditions, but stay 5 days, the contract value increases to 310 000. If you talk about multiple pregnancy, the cost under the same conditions is equal to 286 000 and 370 000 respectively.

On average, the contract for delivery for a singleton pregnancy ranges from 250 000 to 560 000. For multiple figures will be slightly higher, from 286 000 to 595 000.

Clinical hospital Lapino “Mother and child” and provides the following service: “Home delivery”. It will cost from 230 000 to 455 000 rubles, depending on which doctors will be present during delivery.

Such contracts stipulate only the process of childbirth and postremove observation. If the expectant mother requires prior hospitalization or prenatal conservation, and in the case of force majeure or premature birth long postremove observation, you will need to enter into further agreements.

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Services in the contract

Naturally, many pregnant women want to know what they will receive under the contract and for the money. The contract for delivery in a health facility provides new mothers the right to:

• examination in the emergency Department for admission

• hospitalization with the presence of precursors of an emergency labor in a labor room

• management of labor — spontaneous (natural) or surgical — medical team, consisting of obstetrician-gynecologist, anesthesiologist, neonatologist (a pediatrician for newborns), a nurse, a circulating nurse

• Medical aid to the woman in the delivery room for the period immediately after birth

• Inpatient care if necessary in the division of the Institute of anaesthesia and intensive care

• Carrying out analysis

• Conduct of anesthesia in childbirth

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• First aid the newborn in the delivery room

• Outpatient care and ultrasound examination, the obstetrician in the postpartum period

• School mom

These services are relevant for delivery with doctors 1-3 groups. The contract for the management of childbirth by doctors 4-th group provides a number of additional services, including, for example, the ANC cardiotocography (CTG) at home.

The contract for all

Besides the contract for delivery can be concluded with the clinic and the contract for the maintenance of pregnancy in General. The cost of this will be in the range of 230 000. If desired, you can use the services of the clinics and after the birth, signing the relevant contracts for monitoring children’s development, such as, say, did Alla Pugacheva.

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