HRC will give Putin a report on the outcome of the visit, the Dading

The head of the Council under the President of Russia on human rights (HRC) Mikhail Fedotov said that human rights activists have prepared a report on the results of their visit to the Karelian colony No. 7, where serving a sentence a convicted Ildar Dading, reports RIA Novosti.

With the document already reviewed the penal system and now the members of the HRC are going to transfer him to Russian President Vladimir Putin in a personal meeting, which could take place in December. The report will be published.

According to Fedotov, human rights activists are planning another visit to colony No. 7 in Karelia.

Ildar Dading was sentenced to three years in prison for repeated violation of the order of the meeting. Later the Moscow city court reduced the sentence by six months. At the end of October Dading complained of beatings and torture. On this fact the Investigative Committee of Russia began checking, and the Ombudsman Tatiana Moskalkova took the situation under his personal control.

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