In the dialogue mode. How to improve the quality of grain?

A number of working meetings took place in the framework of the 2nd world Grain forum discussed “Strategic challenges for the grain industry of Russia”.

The meeting was attended by Deputy Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Sergey Levin, the Director of the Department of regulation of agricultural markets Ministry of agriculture of Russia Vladimir Volik, a member of the Parliament of Canada Gerry Ritz and others.

The roundtable participants discussed the global changes in the structure of production and consumption of grain by 2030, changes in the domestic demand for grain in Russia, as well as the objectives of the state in a strategic context.

Despite the sanctions. Russia is a leader on the world grain market

— Since the beginning of the 2000s, we started to export grains, said Sergei Levin. — And now with confidence can say that Russia has returned to the world market as the largest manufacturer and supplier of grain. In the last marketing year, our country became the first in the export of wheat, and we intend to strengthen our position in the future. Today we supply to the world market about 10% of the grain is what defines us as a major player. Now the main task is to improve product quality, to develop logistics and attract new financial instruments.

Sharing their experience and foreigners.

It is very important to remember about the strategy, said Gerry Ritz. — While you need to clearly understand the source data — how much and what the country produces and how to distribute. But that’s not all. You must be in constant dialogue with our partners, the farmers.Know about all the links of the chain of this business. Because if even one link fails — the whole system will fall. The farmers are happy, independent, but if the government decides to change the system of Samooborona, it is very important to consult with them. Everyone should be involved in the development of this strategy that it does not spread from the top.

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