Journalists Kremlin pool flew out of Lisbon at the APEC summit in Peru

Journalists of the Kremlin pool, and part of the Russian delegation flew from Lisbon to Peru for the APEC summit, reports TASS.

What is the Kremlin pool?

Previously broken plane silt-96-300 has been repaired. The flight to the Peruvian capital of Lima, where the summit will take 11 hours. Thus, journalists will be able to arrive only on the second day of the event.

Recall that in engine Il-96-300, after the plane landed in Portugal to refuel, a fault was found. It was reported that journalists sent to Peru to the other side.

Meanwhile, the press Secretary of the President administration of the Russian Federation Elena Krylova said that the registration of all necessary documents for a backup flight would take more time than repairing a broken aircraft.

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