Old age its not going to be home. Woman Lena Erchova traveled halfway around the world

And for the past 6 years visited Germany, Poland, Turkey, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Israel. Now woman Lena is planning a trip to the Dominican Republic. All my travel (and this year there were three, although is usually one or two) grandmother pays for itself — saving money from pensions. Plus a small income brings summer flowers. The routes she selected the travel Agency. The pensioner lives alone, but her daughter, grandchildren and great-granddaughter visit her.

Elena M. was born in 1927 in the Orenburg region. Mother raised her alone, but in 3 years the girl was left an orphan. “It was terrible, when the child was left alone. I remember the night I stand and hear wolves howl, then thought that would be better if they ate me, with tears in his eyes says Baba Lena. — Lived where necessary, from relatives and strangers, but there was no need, in childhood, even begging had”.

All her life she worked hard in the field, on construction sites, at the factory. And now, after 80, began to live happily.

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