Sanders stated about the readiness to fight corporations together with the trump

Former candidate for US presidents from Democratic party, Bernie Sanders

Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

Former candidate for US presidents from Democratic party, Bernie Sanders, speaking in support of Hillary Clinton for the presidential election, promised to become an ally elected President of Donald trump in the fight against big corporations

Donald trump may receive unexpected ally, if he will fulfill his promise in terms of policies to fight the corporations. This was stated by the former candidate in US presidents from Democratic party, Senator Bernie Sanders, reports CNN.

“If Mr. trump dares to stand up to these corporations, it will have an ally in my face,” Sanders said to reporters.

He also said he was ready to support trump on other items of the campaign Republicans, including on health, lower drug prices, raising the minimum wage to $10 and increased duties on the products of companies that transfer production abroad.

Sanders ‘ willingness to support trump’s populist points in the program, the latter does not negate the series of “critical contradictions” between a Democrat and a Republican, said CNN. So, Sanders calls on President-elect to dismiss Steve Bannon from his position as chief strategist of the new team of the White house, promises to fight with trump on the issues of climate change and opposes the proposed trump tax policy.

The United States presidential election held on 8 November. Their winner was Donald trump is the Republican candidate. His rival Democrat Hillary Clinton conceded defeat and expressed his readiness to cooperate with the new head of state for the benefit of the American nation.

Sanders competed with Clinton on qualifying intra-stage of the race, but was defeated. Coming out of the fight for the presidency, he supported Clinton. During the election campaign, Sanders was criticized trump.

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