The education of taste. How to wean a child off sugar and harmful?

No. 45 “AIF” for 2016, we are told to protect from the sweet newly born baby. But what if the baby is addicted to sweets and chocolates?

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American scientists from tufts University using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed that a sweet tooth may like healthy foods with bitterness, sourness and other flavors. When they are in the brain activated areas of enjoyment, which had previously responded to sweet and other unwholesome products. For this reboot of tastes we need a transition period with the rejection of harmful products with strong tastes and transition to a normal, useful food. It is desirable that it lasted at least 1-2 months. About how to help the child, says Vadim Krylov, endocrinologist, Creator of the author’s nutritional program:

— Remember smokers. When they quit Smoking, they begin to feel new tastes and flavors — they have open receptors. Similarly, sometimes after the transition, with sweet and savoury dishes. A palette of flavors, and enjoy them not only when tasting wine or cheese, but also all other products. To teach a child a useful gift for life.

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The main thing — the procedure

— First you need to establish a proper diet. Remember, protein foods are digested for 2-3 hours, and good carbohydrates (porridge of whole grain bread, pasta) are digested in 4-6 hours. So it is better to give Breakfast to the child no longer felt hungry and he will not be tempted to eat something sweet or harmful. Make Breakfast tastier, be sure to add to the cereals fruit or berries, but no sugar. For dinner, cereal and pasta are not needed, as it will continue to digest the night, disrupting sleep and contributing to various problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, it is better to eat protein (cheese, poultry, fish, meat). It should be lean, not fried, and it is necessary to take not less than 3-4 hours before bedtime. The child is not bought in the school canteen-healthy foods, give him food with them. Get a special box called the lunch box, place the fruit and the fact that he loves chicken, pasta, or bread. It could easily replace a dinner.

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The power of love

— During the transitional period, the child may refuse useful but unusual products. So give him what he loves. Like chicken — let’s get it, only not fried, but boiled or baked and with useful sauces to taste. Loves sausages — put in the lunch box a sandwich with lean meat (also raw), be sure to add herbs and vegetables. Loves hot dogs — make them at home with him all of the good meat and spices. Gradually gradually add the unusual and unloved by him, but healthy foods to get used to them.

The law of tangerine

— If you just tell the child: this can be, and is not, nothing will. To move on to a new style of food, the food should be delicious. So you’ll have to work on cooking. Use spices and seasonings. The pasta needs to be with pureed tomatoes, Basil, other vegetables, poultry, meat and fish — with useful sauces. Vegetables, fruits and berries choose the best. Remember how adults think about harmful the condensed milk and the most useful smell of tangerines, which they ate in childhood. It is necessary to create the child such emotional attachment to useful products, they last a lifetime. How to do it? For example, when a child comes home from school, get him in winter some beautiful and fresh berries or unusual and delicious fruit. Even better to invite to a meal and his friend — they will remember it together. Arrange such holidays often, and with different dishes. These positive emotions are very important when you replace other foods and the transition to a new type of food. At this time, the child needs to be occupied, communicate more with him, play, it may be worthwhile to have a dog or other animal.

Breast: healthy and tasty


  • Chicken fillet 400 g
  • pomegranate juice 250 ml
  • 3 cloves garlic,
  • two tomatoes,
  • 3-4 cucumber,
  • 2 tbsp olive oil,
  • salt and spices to taste

Marinate the fillets for 20-30 min. in pomegranate juice with finely chopped garlic, spices and salt. Fillet then wrap in foil and at 180 degrees bake in the oven.

Prepare the salad garnish from vegetables and olive oil.

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