The state Department called the data source of “shocks” videoconferencing for hospitals in Syria

The US state Department revealed the source of information about the alleged of Russian air force strikes on hospitals in Syria, RIA Novosti reported.

“You work for RT?”. The representative of the state Department got nasty Russian journalist

Data provided by the Turkish office of the Syrian American medical society. Its headquarters is located in Washington.

From Washington, we have heard accusations against Russia that its planes bombed civilian infrastructure in the country. Moscow, in turn, insists that each decision is preceded by careful investigation.

The state Department did not provide evidence of his allegations. When this subject last raised the Russian journalists at a briefing the official representative of Department John Kirby, he flared up and said to ask for information to the Russian authorities. Later, Kirby apologized for the other representative of the office Elizabeth Trudeau.

The Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation information on airstrikes HQs in Syrian hospitals called “information error”.

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