AR has posted a video of hitting a children’s hospital in Aleppo


Photo: Reuters/Pixstream

The Associated Press published a video made in the hospital during an air strike on it. According to the Agency, the record was made in one of the children’s hospitals in Eastern Aleppo on Friday, November 18

According to representatives of the Syrian opposition and the world health organization, which refers to the Agency, only one day on November 18 for four hospitals in the Eastern districts of the city, leaving no medical care for about 275 thousand people.

Video: Associated Press

Footage taken on record the exterior and interior surveillance cameras. Records were provided by AP are in Turkey, non-governmental organization Syrian doctors Independent Doctors Association (IDA).

On 16 November, the U.S. state Department spokesman Elizabeth Trudeau said that Washington strongly condemns the resumption of Russian air strikes in Syria. “Recent data indicate that strikes by five hospitals and one mobile hospital. We believe that such actions are violations of international law,” said Trudeau, adding that does not mean some specific cases, a “set of actions” Russia and the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

Earlier, the representative of the Ministry of defense of Russia major-General Igor Konashenkov called reports that Russia has bombed a hospital in Aleppo “ordinary lie”. The next day, another state Department spokesman John Kirby could not provide evidence of the blows which the Russian space forces allegedly inflicted on Aleppo. At a briefing in Washington, he said that he had no “specific tactical information”, but Washington received reports from “credible organizations”. During the briefing, the journalist RT asked Kirby to name specific hospitals and cities, which strikes. The representative of the state Department suggested that the journalist “to ask his Ministry of defense.”

On Friday, November 18, Kirby said that information about the bombing in Eastern Aleppo received from “credible sources”. “Frankly, it doesn’t matter whose planes dropped bombs — it makes or Syria, or Russia, or both of these countries. The fact that it needs to stop. This has to stop,” said Kirby then.

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