Associated with the Deputy mayor of Moscow firms earned 10 billion rubles on government contracts

The Deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy Marat Khusnullin

Photo: Andrew Nikitichev/Agency “Moscow”

The company, which, according to “transparency international — Russia”, were associated with the Deputy mayor of Moscow Marat Khusnullin, has received in government contracts 10 billion RUB Their activities related to the work of officials in Tatarstan

Offshore Of The Republic Of Tatarstan

Company “tatstroy”, “Vodokanalservis” and “tatselzhilkomkhoz” received almost 10 billion roubles, performing gospodryady, from the data “SPARK-Marketing”. These companies are indicated in the investigation of anti-corruption center “transparency international — Russia”. The organization connects entities with the Deputy mayor of Moscow on urban policy Marat Khusnullin.

The publication notes that the primary activities of firms comes at a time when the construction was Minister of construction of Tatarstan. He held this post from 2001 to 2010, then moved to the Moscow mayor’s office and became Deputy mayor of the capital Sergey Sobyanin.

The three companies had a common owner — the company “Avertex”. Since 2007, according to “SPARK-Interfax”, she was the sole owner of “Tatstroy” and “Tatselzhilkomkhoz”, then it owned 75% of shares of “Vodokanalservis” (C 2008, the authors of the investigation, the firm remained 50% of shares). Now all four legal entities liquidated.

“Avertex” was issued on two owners — the London firm Averdo Property Management Limited and offshore Averdix Business Corp., registered in the British virgin Islands (BVI). The publication States that, as the financial statements of the English company, the only holder of its shares were offshore from the BVI.

“In fact, a Russian company wholly owned offshore, but part of his income is first passed through the British jurisdiction — emphasize the “transparency international — Russia”. — From 2005 to August 2010 Director of the British company Averdo Property Management Limited was rose Khusnullin”.

In conversation with the “Rain” rose Khusnullin said that is the mother of the capital’s mayor, but refused to answer other questions. RBC is waiting for a response from the press service of the Metropolitan municipality and the Khusnullin.

The largest builders

All the government contracts that earned the company “Vodokanalservis”. She participated in 282 tenders received nearly 9.9 billion rubles, was considered RBC based on the data “SPARK-Marketing”. The largest has become one of the contracts on construction of engineering networks in the village of Orekhovka-2 Tatarstan. The amount stated in the contract, – 198,8 million rubles.

In 2008, “Vodokanalservis” received a total of 485,9 mln rubles for the construction in this village. Acted as the customer gku glavinveststroy RT under Marat Husnullina, says the report of the accounts chamber of the Republic.

“Tatstroy” from 2011 to 2013, received seven state contracts for RUB 41.9 million, the Largest of them — the construction of kindergartens and children’s home in Kazan (37,9 mln.).

In 2008, as wrote “Kommersant”, Khusnullin asked the head of the Republic Mintimer Shaimiev to provide “Tatstroy” the order for the construction of not less than 100 thousand square meters of housing.

“Tatselzhilkomkhoz” earned four gospodryady 12.9 million rubles., the largest contract (5.8 million rubles) — construction of sewage system in the village of Kurkachi. The authors of the investigation note that all contracts were obtained directly from the Ministry, who headed Khusnullin.

Lawyers of “transparency international — Russia” has prepared the statement in office of public Prosecutor with the request to check whether the actions Khusnullin conflict of interest. The organization also appealed to the British authorities in connection with possible money laundering in the country.

In August the staff of the anti-corruption center spoke about the connection with the construction of the Husnullin in a Moscow Park “Dubki”, opposed by local residents.

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