At the time of death during the collapse of cabins work peeling potatoes

One worker was killed and another was seriously injured in the wall collapse on building cabins on November 19 in the North-Western district of the capital.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

As it became known “MK”, in 21 hours 43 minutes in operational duty service of the control Centre crisis situations of EMERCOM of Russia in Moscow received a message about the collapse of structures at the construction site on ulitsa Berzarina, 28 — it is being built residential complex consisting of four homes.

At the scene, it became known that the fire struck the wall about four metres in height, constructed of blocks. The building was erected about a month ago and shared stacked on top of other cabins — there were ten in a row.

A wall of blocks to collapse

According to the builders, a few days ago one of the firms took the van from the top row. Perhaps it could affect the stability of the whole structure during temperature changes two blocks from the wall fell on the bottom of the shed.

Fire-rescue units during emergency rescue and other urgent works pulled from the rubble of the victims. Worked at the construction site workers from Belarus and North Korea. According to builders, in the last days we were working on masonry superstructure of the building kindergarten.

43-year-old Jang Mentira (at the construction site he was known as superintendent) is in intensive care. Men are complicated by fracture of the 11th thoracic vertebrae, bruised lungs, not moving his feet. He told the doctors that they had dropped the plate, when they went to the shed for dinner. 45-year-old bricklayer Kang Myung-Kon from the received traumas has died. He worked in construction as a cook and during the incident was peeling potatoes for dinner.

For PE is checked, which is controlled by the Khoroshevskoe on the Prosecutor’s office.

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