Damascus rejected the UN proposal for self-government of Eastern Aleppo


Photo: Hassan Ammar/AP

The Syrian government considered the plan of the UN envoy Stephan de Mistura on the granting of self-government the Eastern part of Aleppo unacceptable, since it violates the country’s sovereignty

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Syrian Government, Walid al-Muallem said that Damascus does not agree with the plan of the UN envoy Stephan de Mistura on the granting of self-government the Eastern part of Aleppo, according to Reuters.

“This proposal is absolutely unacceptable. It is a violation of our sovereignty”, — the Minister said after talks with de Mistura.

Al-Moallem also said that the idea of “self-government” would be a reward for the terrorists who still continue to release the shells at the Western quarters of the city, with the result that, according to him, killed and injured thousands of people. De Mistura, in turn, spoke about concerns in connection with international medical organizations and demanded an end to the shelling of the Eastern districts of the city. The Syrian Minister denied any bombing of hospitals of the city.

Aleppo is divided into two unequal parts. A large part of the city is occupied by government troops of President Bashar al-Assad, the Eastern part of the rebel opposition.

The parties regularly accuse each other of shelling civilian targets and the deaths of civilians, including children. Sunday, November 20, the monitoring group Syrian Observatory for human rights, based in London, said that the rebel group fired at a school under the control of government forces near Aleppo. According to human rights activists, in an attack at a school killed at least seven children. According to Syrian media, which refers to Reuters, the shelling resulted in the lives of ten people, including school students SARIA Hasan in the area of Aleppo al-Farqan.

The Associated Press published a video of an air strike on the hospital, claiming that she is in Eastern Aleppo. According to representatives of the Syrian opposition and the world health organization, which refers to the Agency, only one day on November 18 for four hospitals in the Eastern districts of the city, leaving no medical care for about 275 thousand people.

The Russian command in conjunction with the Syrian army several times announced a “humanitarian pause” for the residents of Aleppo and the opening of corridors for militants so that they left the besieged city’s neighborhoods. Representatives of the rebels at the same time stated that they did not leave the city and lay down their weapons.

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